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Wireless Access (Suggestion/Feature Request)

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I would like to see a WAP version of the site if possible. Or at least alternate versions of certain pages optimized for wireless PDA or mobile phone access.


At a minimum, a version of "Seek a cache", nearest.aspx and cache_details.aspx that are bandwidth and small screen optimized (minimal pictures, no side menus, smaller icons etc...)


That would make it easier for those of us with wireless internet access on our PDA or mobile phone to look up caches while we're out cache hunting.

It would also be nice to log our finds in real time at the cache.


It could also potentially cut down on the site bandwidth since there would be a few less people downloading normal pages for offline use.

But I suppose it could also increase server load from database lookups and increased users online.


F.Y.I. If anyone is interested in using wireless access now.

It works for me now on my Palm via GPRS but the pages are difficult to navigate since they don't translate well to the small screen size.

They're also much bigger than they need to be which uses up precious bandwidth.

The "Seek" page for example comes in at 27747 bytes without graphics. There's alot of superfluous data there including the menu and ads on the left and the "Hide a cache" panel on the right.


Details of my Set-Up:

AT&T Wireless Nokia 6310i (GSM/GPRS)

Palm M515 with Palm SDIO Bluetooth card

Using "EudoraWeb" browser


The Palm will make the GPRS connection with the Nokia via IR also but Bluetooth is easier since it doesn't require pointing them at each other.


Can anyone suggest a better browser? The Avantgo browser didn't work for me, nor does the WAP browser in the Phone.


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