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Small but annoying bugs


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Use this thread to report small bugs on the cache pages. I have found a few. This is just to offer some help to Jeremy, I understand if he has more important things to do.


When a cache has 6 logs, all of them are shown on the first page, but it still says: There are more logs, and there's a link to view them all.


There are links at the bottom of the page similar to those in the menu to the left. These links have not been updated when the menu was updated.


Some of the links could be removed for caches in countries outside the US. TopoZone, Terra Server, Yahoo! Maps and nearby benchmarks are not valid for most countries except US.

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I just noticed today that new caches in Mobipocket don't have the little yellow new icon. Makes it impossible to do a quick scroll through to see if there's any new ones since the last Pocket Query.





Never forget, It's just a game.

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