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BETA Maps suck

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I am not overly worried about the new Beta maps as you can not do a pocket query from it (yet)

However I have noticed the original mapping has begun to lose its ability to remember what to do

I go back to that one to do pocket queries sometimes - I find it easier to go to a place on the map pick a suitable scale and then tick the 'hide my finds' box and then select 'create pocket query' and then blitz the area - particularly useful if a new series has popped up.

However I have noticed the old mapping has begun to play around

select an area on the map then tick 'hide my finds' and all your smilies disappear - move the map a bit to refine the area and even though the box is still ticked - all your smilies return - you have to un-tick and tick it again to make them disappear. Though what is more annoying when you do do a 'create pocket query' even though you select 'all caches I havent found' in the PQ - the result comes back with all your finds so unless you select a high number you are likely to miss a number of new caches because your finds are included in the number




is anyone else experiencing this when creating PQs

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