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New Geocacher Looking for Cheap Starter GPS

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Hello, my name is Corey and I am a college student living in northeast Ohio. I was recently introduced to geocaching a few days by my brother and would really like to get more involved with it. I've used the geocaching app on my iphone for the first few caches that I've grabbed, but would really like a "real" GPS to use. If anyone has a slightly older model or one that they are not simply using please leave me a reply, I would like to deal through PayPal. When replying please include such things as; model, condition, accessories if any included, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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I have a Garmin Etrex H that I am not using anymore. It is a very good beginners gps and is great for your first time geocaching. It is in like new condition, as it has only been used lightly over the past year since I bought it. It comes with the box the owners manuals and a lanyard string that goes around your neck. I maybe can do paypal but I would rather send you a cashiers check or something. That way it is still perfectly safe for you and I don't have to set up a paypal account. I want to say I will sell it for 80 firm but I could drop it to 60 or 70 if I had to...Please don't use that to your advantage though. Thanks!

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If you go with an eTrex H make sure you can get the serial cable for it a a known good serial to USB adapter. Unless you don't mid entering every cache into the unit by hand.


For a starter unit you rally want something that is easy to use and affordable right? Have a look around for one of the other eTrex lines like the Legend, Venture, or Vista. Make sure you get the H model since it has a high sensitive receiver. All of those will use a standard USB cable to connect to your PC so you can download cords to the unit. If you use the check all and download waypoints that will give you a .loc file with all 20 caches from that page. You'll need a free program like EasyGPS or GSAK to open that file and download it into the unit.

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