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Download PQs to your GPSr using an iDevice!

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iZip - This app is used to unzip pocket queries from the geocaching.com site.

zoomIt - This app is used to move gpx files from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your micro SD card.


Both of these apps are free and available from the iTunes store by clicking on the links above.

The zoomMediaPlus is available online from various distrubutors for around $45. That price does seem a little high but it also allows you to tranfers photos from a microSD/SD/SDHC card out of your camera just like the Apple iPad camera connection kit that only works on the iPad.


I'm not sure if other companies make a similar device, but this one works perfect for my needs.


Ok, on to the tutorial:


First what you'll need to do is go to the PQ download page on your iDevice and select the PQ you would like to add to your GPSr.




Once you select the PQ you want, you'll get this screen. Select open in iZip.




Now this screen will pop up. Touch both files to get the check marks on the right. Then tap the "inbox" looking icon on the left with the arrow pointing up.




Once that is done, you'll be brought back to a screen that looks like this.

Touch the blue arrow to the right of the blue foldered list item to go to the extracted files.




Tap which files you would like to transfer to your GPSr. The "-wpts" file is your extra waypoints file.




After selecting your files, it will look like this.




Now tap the compose email in the bottom right corner to get this screen. Select attach original files. If you select compress attached files, they will become unusable for our purpose.




Now you'll get this compose email screen. What you need to do is send these files in an email to yourself. It seems a little odd, but it's the only way I've found to get the files into zoomIt.




After the email sends, it will come right back into your inbox and you will be able to select the files.




Tap one of the files and this screen will pop up. Select "Open in..."



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Now select zoomIt.




Now you'll change over to the zoomIt app and be presented with this screen.

Go back to the email app and select the other file if you had sent both files to be transfered over to your GPSr.

Once at the screen for the second file (first if you only sent one), select "Done" in the top left corner.




Now you'll be presented with this screen. Select "Edit" in the bottom right corner. Next select both files and then select "Move".




Now you will have this screen. My card has no name hence the "Untitled" directory. Select the directory that isn't labeled "Local Directory".




Then select "Garmin".




And now select "GPX".




You'll now have this screen. Select "Move here" in the bottom right corner.




You'll be presented with this screen as the files are being copied from your iDevice over to the microSD card.




Once the files are done transfering you'll be given the option to delete them or save them, it is entirely up to you what you choose.



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I'm not sure I get why an iOS or Android user would want or need to "...get the Garmin to write the geocache_viits file to the sd card I could upload my finds to te website. Wouldn't you just log directly from your mobile device? Or am I missing the purpose of the "geocache_viits" file?


But getting the GPX file onto the dedicated GPS from the mobile device - without a Mac OS or WIntel computer, or USB-enabled router as an intermediate stage - I would like this also. Even the OP's suggestion of using PNY's zoomIT card reader seems bothersome - as every tine you want to update you need to remove and replace the data card in the GPS. Not something I want to do in the field. And I don't need to do it at home as I just connect my Garmin to my router and I can copy files to/from any computer or tablet in the house.


I wonder if someone makes a Bluetooth connected USB host gadget? A pocket sized, battery powered gizmo that could connect with a mobile device with a USB port that could connect peripherals like GPSRs and anything else - cameras, eReaders, external hard drives, etc. Done right, that could be a universal (read: iOS & Android) solution.

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I'm not sure I get why an iOS or Android user would want or need to "...get the Garmin to write the geocache_viits file to the sd card I could upload my finds to te website. Wouldn't you just log directly from your mobile device? Or am I missing the purpose of the "geocache_viits" file?



Not everyone uses a mobile device. I head out on foot or bike for awhile and pick up a few using my Garmin. Then have to attach it to my computer to read the visits file and upload them allan at once. I don't use the mobile device because the battery doesn't last how long I am out and to go back and find them one on it one at a time when I get back would take forever (the other day I had 40 to do). If the visits file was on the card I wouldnt have to drag my laptop around the country when I travel. I could just take the iPad.

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Ah, I see, I think. You really write logs on your Garmin?


Why not an iPod Touch? When online, you could load your PQs on it - and while offline you could still make your logs/notes to upload when you get back. Used carefully, the battery could last you all day (or all weekend) and the thing is small enough and light enough to keep in an inside pocket.


Cheapest factory refurb is the 8GB, current version, for around $170 - but you could probably scour eBay for a cheaper used one.


Just like the good old days when people carried a GPS and a PDA.

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Now now, you know I can't so don't be a smartypants. The iPod idea is interesting but I would still have to carry my Garmin and my iPod. If I had the visits file on the sdcard I could open up the website on my iPad and load it to the notes section then paste the logs in. Still not as good as using iCaching or GSAK but handy.


Of course all this would be if by some miracle Apple put in a USB with a host controller on the iPad but there is a better chance of xmas in July.

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No, seriously - it would let you leave your laptop at home. I certainly understand not wanting to carry a pound or two of iPad while hiking or biking - but are you really concerned about 3 or 4 ounces and something the same size of your wallet? You can still use the Garmin to FIND the caches - but you could have your pocket queries loaded the iPod too. And it would be much easier to mark them and compose logs in the field, save them, and then upload them the next time you have a connection.


No messing with visits file or data cables, or worrying about USB hosts. That's all SO twentieth century.

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I can't seem to find the ZoomMediaPlus card reader online and some places say it's discontinued. Is this thing still available somewhere, and does it still work? If I could load caches onto my 62sc via my iPhone that would be wonderful. Or is there an equivalent from some other company?


Also, is it possible to use the camera connection kit to copy files to the card if you are jailbroken? I'd considering doing that if it would let me use the card reader that way.

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