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Garmin Nuvi 1450: how to reregister on another PC

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I started registering my nuvi 1450 on my dad's PC. Then stopped after I entered the serial number. Now, at home, 200 miles away, I cannot register this GPS on my own computer (windows PC). How do I register this on my own computer?


Software update seem to install at home but my "mygarmin" web page on garmin.com does not list my device (nuvi 1450) when I log in.

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When you register the unit your letting Garmin know who owns it and its serial number. Doesn't matter what PC you did it on it should be under your info right? Where you logged in your account at your dad's PC?


If its not showing it may not have been registered so go through the process again. Just log into your My Garmin account and run through the register process again.

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Well, this is what I did. After I logged in to myGarmin at home, I wanted to download a software update. There was a box on the website page that listed devices, and it said "no devices found". I assumed this listed registered devices, but I think it lists connected devices instead, and I don't think I had my Nuvi connected to the PC at that moment.


So, problem solved. I connected my Nuvi, downloaded the Web Updated, and got a software update.


Now if my Tracfone (Net10) only had service in Canada I'd be all set.

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