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Found what I believe to be a coin but no tracking #

Owen D
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I found what I think is a Geocoin but there is no tracking number on it and I forget what cache it is from. It says Sue & Barry 2005 on one side and "Where you are the search engine. New Jersey" on the other.


Not all geocoins are trackable, so it could be you have found a non-trackable geocoin; or it is a sample coin/non-trackable version of a trackable geocoin (does it have a space where it should have had a Tracking Number?).


Also, if it is trackable, somewhere on it it will say "Trackable at Geocaching.com" or words to that effect.


Oh Yeah - and check the rim of the coin to make sure the Tracking Number isn't printed on there.

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It could be someone's signature item, a coin they had that's just for trade and not tracking. And there are cool ones like the compass rose geocoin (I've got some minis of that) which are just cool swag and not trackable. So basically, you probably got lucky with cool swag. :)

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