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I mentioned before that we found a trail, asked permission from the Catawba Land Conservancy to place caches. They in turn not only gave us the go ahead, they asked us to place caches on another trail.


"The Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network of greenways and trails that reaches 15 counties and 2.3 million citizens. It links people, places, cities, towns and attractions. It links lives." The Thread Trail isn't done yet and the Conservancy doesn't own all the land.


In one tree I want to put a large cache - I put the container lid inside the tree for size, I also have one smaller. Have lots of great stuff to put in it, flags, red/white/blue pinwheels etc. I will spray brown/tan paint on which ever one I use. The containers are normal totes with lids that snap on at the ends. Not normally a water tight item but I think used here it should be fine - thoughts? NOW... I took a picture up into the tree, see the sky through it. I would forgo the large container if anyone can come up with something to hide inside somehow...


I have pictures - can't figure out how to insert them with the above URL button. help?

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I have pictures - can't figure out how to insert them with the above URL button. help?

You first need to post the photos somewhere - Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, a page on this site - then copy the link and use the Insert Image button in the editing window (not the Insert Link button) to place the image into your post here.

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I put them on facebook and now I get "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board"

this is what I put in the "insert image"


Its got to be direct link to a jpg or gif picture not to a programmtic way to bring up a photo - plus we need to have a facebook login to see your photo.

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"You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board"

that is what this site said when I tried to post it. I'll have to try when I'm not working - work always gets in the way of fun.

I hate not knowing how to do this stuff.


Does anyone know of a cache put into a dead tree trunk with a large opening at the base? something to lower it down? it's quite smooth looking all the way up.

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Make sure the container is a lot smaller than the hole.


There have been a lot of instances of trees growing in very short time and making the caches inaccessible.


It happened to one of my caches in about a year. the container would no longer fit in the hole.

Someone logged that they had "hid it better" and they moved it. I wondered what was wrong with the spot I had chosen. When I checked on it, the hole was too for the cache after only a year.

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