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Google Earth Script like the Lilly Pad?

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Anyone know of a Google Earth script / program that displays the real-time cache finds like they have on the big monitor at The Lilly Pad?


It would make a great screen saver. I'd make one myself, but I'm not programming literate enough to make something like that. I guess one could just go to

the "recent finds" page and run down the links in a script, but I'm sure there's a better way.


Oh, did I mention it would make a great screen saver?


/just sayin'



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Without violating the TOS agreement - you would need access to the real time data - not possible right now.


I guess I couldn't just get the info from the "latest logs" screen, as that would be screen scraping, another TOS No-No. :(


Oh well. Hopefully with the API coming soon out there will be an option!

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