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Safari and "Edit Log" link

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Is anyone else having problems with the OS X version of Safari 5.0.x and editing a log you've already written? I've tried accessing logs from my Profile page and also from cache listings and I can VIEW and DELETE them but when I click edit, I get nothing.


I have no idea if the Windows version of Safari has the same issue (Mobile Safari on the iPhone works though! :laughing: ). FireFox also seems ok, but since most Mac users use Safari, that's a bit of an annoying problem.

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Just tried Safari on Windows. Works.


Also cleared all my cookies and emptied my cache on Mac Safari and now I can't log in via the pop-up at the top! :laughing:


At least I can log in from https://www.geocaching.com/login/, then the login/logout from the box works more reliably (setting some OTHER cookie in the background, perhaps?)


Wow. Just, wow.

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