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The Obvious escapes me...

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I have been seeking Caches since Memorial weekend. I have noticed those people that have caches that are sneaky, hard and muddy. What I wanted to do was get all the caches that so-and-so had so I could work on those.. BUT.. I’m thick.. I didn’t see the forest for the trees.




If you want to look up all that one person has you can from a cache that is theirs already.


Click their name and view the profile.

From this you will see words that are underlined…


Profile for grayxxx

Premium Member since February, 2001


Caches Found/Hidden: 71/18

Travel Bugs Owned/Found: 3/2

Benchmarks Found: 5


These return to you a by name search.


Hope this helps you…

I finally got it today… ;-)

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