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Where is the map on new cahces?

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Here in the US, they are generated immediately using the Tiger Census map - an online service by the government that does the coordinate thing.


The caches are placed in a queue and the system cycles through and recreates a map using a Microsoft mapping program (there's a post somewhere around here where Jeremy indicates what that software is). The map (both the tiny one at the top and the big one just above the logs) are created and remain there until the cache page is edited. Then the process starts all over again, placing the cache in the queue.


Unfortunately, there's no Canadian equivalent for the Tiger Census mapping, so while the caches are new (or freshly edited), there's no map to display.


Be glad though - before the implemetation of the Microsoft maps, the site used to ONLY use the Tiger maps. Therefore, the non-US caches didn't have ANY maps on the page EVER.



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