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2 for 1- geocache+benchmark

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I've googled around a bit and I cant seem to find much about placing geocaches next to or inside of benchmarks to create a "2 for 1" sort of thing where a user could log a benchmark and a geocache at the same time. The benchmark I had in mind is this http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=PP2182


and i could easily toss a micro cache in there. Also the benchmark appears to be in the right of way as well as it is in the ditch along side a country road. So I'm wondering why this isn't something that's done more often or if it's against the rules and I didn't realize it or something.


I was also thinking I could use the benchmark coordinates and description within my cache description, as it's how I originally found the mark. Also the gps coordinates aren't too far off of what it really is either, which seems rare for benchmarks. I think it would be a really good introduction for people new to benchmarking, and give them a cache as well.

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Is that your container around the mark, or is that how it's actually found?


I'm not sure if you're allowed to deliberately obscure or cover up a benchmark (though so many of them are covered up anyway) ... wonder if that might violate some law somewhere?


Otherwise I think it would be nifty, and benchmarks don't cound toward a find total, so it doesn't mess with the numbers for those who might see it as cheating.

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Please don't hide anything at the bench mark itself. Disturbing a survey station is forbidden.


For example you can make a little mystery. Take the coordinates of the bench mark as the cache coordinates. Then give a bearing and a distance from that bench mark where the cache is hidden. Maybe 100ft or so feet away. Then it's still a 2 for 1.


Just my 2 cents,

King Hubi

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