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D.N.F.? It's there though!

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This one....




...had several DNF's over a period of months. I DNF'd it twice. The CO posted a note saying he went out with a new container to replace it and it was still there. So I tried again, found it that time...it's been found a few times since. Somebody must have re-hidden it a little too well (and once I found it it was easy to see how this could have happened).

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Yes! I hate the caches that are micros underneath a sea of rocks (drainage) and you have to spend all day picking up each one and still can't find it!


I found one today DNF that I'm sure had been muggled. A black Ty-wrap around a tree limb holding a rusty keyring ( no container). I hope the owner rescues it soon!

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Here is one where at first people were having a hard time. I concluded the coordinates must be off and posted a NM. Another cacher posted a NA and the reviewer asked for it to be checked. The owner posted some updated cords and then it was found with the old version. I later found it, and to me the cache is about halfway between the two cords, so both are within about 12 feet. Overall a good cache that fooled a bunch of us. My theory is it is an example of previous logs affecting the way others look for the cache.


By the way, it's been deleted now, but the first log was a find by a now banned armchair cacher who said something like "easy, I am FTF". They logged several finds around the country on their first day caching.

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I just posted a second DNF today on a park and grab that everyone else has found. At least the ones who have logged it. For me this is worse than the one no one can find.

So you're just as blind as I am, huh?? :lol:

I've got one here that everybody in the world can find but NOT ME!!! :blink:

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Got a few of those driving me nuts ... everyone else can find them ... sigh. On the other hand, we may possible carry a Geo-Jinx because our (logged) DNFs are about 50% truly not there ... muggled, damaged, etc. Seriously, with owner verification later and everything. I guess we keep just missing the find ... but it makes all the other finds that much more rewarding, and it's always nice to find the elusive DNF at some point and see that there's one or two we didn't jinx.


Gives us some truly funny stories, at least.


Anything that shows a ton of DNFs we don't even try for, yet, because so few folks actually post when they can't find something that I take it pretty seriously to see a string of them. We're not good enough to find something that 50 other people missed. Though I did find one, once, that was almost presumed missing ... had found enough by that CO to sort of get a feel for his hides, and then just plain got lucky when I got to ground zero. At dark, too. :)

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I find myself mystically drawn to those with a bunch of DNF's (and the owner says they're there). Although, depends on what GZ looks like and the amount of time I have. Haven't been successful in trying to prove everyone wrong. :mad:


Just recently, I feel like a jinx. Went to look for a couple different caches that only had 1 or 2 DNF's. I recorded my DNF also and the cache got archived within a day. :unsure:

Well, atleast I'm happy knowing it wasn't because my eyes are old & worn out. :laughing:

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