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Rabbit 282

Help retrieve destroyed Sulphor Springs cache

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Hi folks,

Last weekend the monument that served as the puzzle key for the Sulphor Springs Soldier multi-cache was destroyed. The cache is near Nilwood, IL- an hour south of Springfield- in the Sulphor Springs cemetery. The cache was placed in 2003 and has been visited over 130 times in its life.


I’ve had to archive the listing, but the cache still contains a number of trackable items that should be kept in circulation. Unfortunately I’m away from the area indefinitely and will not be able to retrieve the cache box to re-circulate the trackers.


I’m looking for a volunteer to visit the site and retrieve the cache box then either re-open the cache as their own or take the trackers and place them in new caches.


If you’re interested in taking on this task, please contact me (via PM/cache contact link). I can describe the hiding place of the cache box to help you quickly locate it.


(Archived) Cache Page:


News article:




Benjamin “Rabbit 282” Doyle

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I just saw your posting. I saw in the paper some vandals had broken up the soldier. Appropriate words to describe the miscreants would get me banned. I hope who ever knows who did this will come forward and those responsible get a double dose of what's due them.

I'm only 20 miles from Sulpher Springs cache. I can't make it there on Tuesday but can on Wednesday. I'll be happy to take care of it for you.

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The good guys win. Low lifes charged. These aren't kids. They also don't have money to pay for the repairs. May the judge make their miserable lives even more miserable.



2 accused of vandalizing cemetery statue.

CARLINVILLE — Two men are jailed on charges that accuse them of destroying a statue of a World War I soldier in a southwestern Illinois cemetery.

The (Alton) Telegraph reports that 20-year-old Douglas Cordray of Girard and 19-year-old Joshua Brown of Virden are charged with unlawful vandalizing of a gravestone.

Macoupin County Sheriff Don Albrecht says charges are pending against a juvenile in the May 1 damage at the Sulphur Springs Cemetery, northeast of Carlinville.

The statue is of Everett Burton, who was killed during a 1918 battle in France. A monument company is donating most of the repairs.

A woman who identified herself as Cordray's grandmother says she doesn't know any details about the charges. Brown doesn't have a listed home telephone number.

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