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what gps you use now and what will you buy next

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I have a Garmin Colorado 400t and will replace/upgrade it with either another Colorado 300/400 or an Oregon 450. The Oregon is tempting me for the 5,000 geocaches, touch screen interface for entering field notes, and not being a discontinued model; however, I love my Colorado so much it will be hard to give it up, so I would consider either N.O.S. or Refurbished to stick with it rather than upgrade.

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Currently using an Oregon 450, with a 60Csx and Samsung Galaxy S as backup.

The next unit I buy will be a Garmin widescreen model (5") for automobile navigation - when they bring out a version that supports paperless geocaching !

The 500 / 550 series screen is too small for me.

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I just got my Delorme PN-60w last month and love it. Took some getting used to, but I just need to learn the nuances of it. Only a couple of minor complaints would need to spend $ on Ariel pics and the other related to functionality nothing wrong, just rather a personal want of mine..I wish it would show my current coordinates and my destination coordinates on the same screen. I have no plans to buy another unit for awhile.

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Oregon 550 - and see no reason at the moment to change it. I'm quite happy to do my logging when I get home....and I'm not that bothered if caches get published while I'm out and about, so don't see a need to add connectivity to it either :)


Also have a couple of Android phones with the GC app loaded - but to be honest, unless they're used to sit in the car and browse for nearby caches on the off-chance, they're of limited use.... ;)

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We were using our iPhones. Bought an Explorist GC and used it for a day ( didn't like it - sold it) and now we have an Oregon 450 and are really happy with it! We still carry & use the iPhones regularly primarily to log our finds instantly (gotta love that).

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I use a 62s as my primary unit, a 60csx as a backup, an iphone (with geosphere for handling pocket queries, the Groundspeak app for caching on the fly, and Pigo for wherigos), an ASUS Mypal A696 (primarily for wherigos). I recently considered getting a refurbished Colorado 300 - I used to own the unit and liked it, but the only real use that I could come up with was to test any new wherigos that I am interesting in developing, and my wife probably would think that we have other things to spend money on for the time being.

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I have a Colorado 300 and I will not "upgrade" until it dies....I think they got a bad rap from such a rough start, and it was rough...but now you wont find many that dont like their Colorado. Im hoping by the time mine dies they will have moved on to the next level as Im just not a big fan of the Oregon, and the new 62s are just not as robust as the 60csx they are pretty much suppose to replace. So heres to hoping they create a Colorado II....

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Using my old Garmin V now but upgrading to Oregon 550 or 550t. Just trying to decide on which one. Excited to get it and start caching with it.


I have the 550t. The camera is the difference I dont think you get anything more. Its $100 for the camera. It takes great pix.

I dont like the compass modes for Geocaching - I use map mode when I am close. It usually puts me right on the GZ. The compass is a distraction. I have talked to Garmin about this. They sent me a new unit. It acts the same.


Distance traveled mode is a joke. If you come under tree cover and the signal drops, it stops recording. Your actual distance is 40 to 100% more! I think they are working on a 'connect the dots fix'. Maybe the new software update fixes this.



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I just added a Bushnell Onix 350 to my collection so I now have:


Android Phone

Garmin eTrex Venture HC

Magellan Explorist 300

Magellan Explorist 210

Bushnell Onix 350


My wife uses the Venture HC, I will be giving the Onix a try but I like the Explorist 300.


I have also been using the cell phone a lot lately just to test it out. I keep the others around for backups and for when we are showing new people how to Geocache.


I tend to buy the best deals instead of the newest, fanciest things. I tried buying the top of the line stuff but in the end most well made GPSr regarless of price will get you within 20 feet.


However, if I could by the best right now I would get:


Garmin GPSMAP-62




Explorist 710

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I've had my Garmin Colorado 300 for the entire 2 year span I've been caching and I still LOVE it. That this is a workhorse and I have no plans to get rid of it. HOWEVER...should it meet its demise I will probably upgrade to a Garmin Oregon 450t or 550t. I've had the chance to test out a 450t for an afternoon and that thing is SWEEEEEET.

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