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Carbon Hunter

UAE/Oman Border - Buraimi Crossing

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Sad news for us UAE residents that want to pop over into the Oman side for a quick caching day.


The border guards have told us that on May 15th a new regulation will be put in place which will require people wanting to visit Buraimi to get a UAE exit stamp, an Omani visa from Wadi Jizzi and a re-entry stamp to the UAE. Those currently living in Buraimi will be required to produce a lease agreement stamped by the Buraimi Municipality in order to enter Buraimi.


So be aware of this - and if anyone heads over the border - or reads anymore in the press - please keep us in the loop.


also - how will this affect the Hatta crossing - I am not sure.

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Yep - it may be accessible still via the Hatta road - but that remains to be seen.


It seems like the Buraimi border only will be affected.


I am hoping to pop over on Saturday to explore a wadi that has been on my radar for a while. Perhaps a cache or two in the development?

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