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The Quick Shameless Plug Cointest


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This cointest (or tagtest - thanks GATOULIS :laughing: ) is easy - very easy.


Post the name of one of your favorite geocoins AND the geocaching nick of the person organising the Great Cow Tag Race. That's all - those two things in the one post to be eligible. (You can follow a link further down to get the answer to the second part, you'll have to work the first part out for yourself! :laughing: )


You can post only once each one hour period for the next 24 hours - yes the cointest runs for only 24 hours, so it's the quick and the ones who miss out! (Ie, you can post once between 9am and 10am, than once again between 10am and 11am, etc)


The winner will be determined by a random number draw in just over 24 hours.


The prize is one unactivated Great Cow Tag Race - Racer Cow which you can activate and have take part in the Great Cow Tag Race.



NOTE: the winner will need to get the tag's Race Name and their geonick to Jackalgirl promptly after the cointest closes otherwise it will have a generic name (she has to print off the infotags that accompany the racing tags this evening. :)

See the The Great Cow Tag Race has found a home! thread in The Travel Bug forums for more information on the race and for the answer you seek.


On a side note (here is the Shameless Plug...) if anyone wants to get one of these race tags for the race, they are only available until April 30th!!! So get in quick and grab one - see the The Great Cow Tag Race has found a home! thread for more information. It's for a great cause. UPDATE: there are still 15 tags left, come on folks get in there and join the race!!!


* DISCLAIMER - I am in no way associated with the organisation, management or manufacturing of The Great Cow Tag Race or of the Cow Tag's. I am a participant in the The Great Cow Tag Race having purchased 3 Cow Tag's. I do gain in any way by running this coinest, except for the warm fuzzy feeling I get for doing something good. :)


MODERATORS - I have hopefully not stepped over any lines or broken any rules with what I have posted above or how I am running this cointest. I quickly checked the Welcome To The Geocoin Forum thread and removed the direct links to the Cow Tag sales page as a result. If there are any other issues, please contact me and I will correct them. If there is a way I can get the direct link to the sales page in please let me know so I can. Thanks. :)

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:) I have seen the tag once in the what di you get in the mail today thread and I didn't know what it was! I like it! :)



My favorite coin.... I will go with the coin that was the reason of becoming a geocoacher.... 2007 first greek geocoin! :D


The person who organized the race and after she got permision from GS and Haifer, for the tag..is Jackalgirl!!! :D


Thank you Keewee for the cointest! :D of it is tagtest?? :laughing:

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one of my favorite geocoins (if there were just one, I wouldn't have this "problem", lol): got coords? Sea Foam

who organized the Heifer Great Cow Race: Jackalgirl


Heifer is a wonderful organization.

Thanks to Jackalgirl for the super-fun Cow Race.. I can't wait!

Great idea and plug, keewee!

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