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Mega side events

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I guess that would be down to the NW lot to orgainise. Although traditionally the current event committee have generally assisted with finding a location as they know the area better, it would still be down to the NW to want to do it.

We still have a little while to go before July - things like this might still be in the planning stages for all we know.


It's worked well in the past though, so would be nice to see something similar this year too.

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Unfortunately, a "Meet the NW guys" event was put on hold until the "succession" was confirmed, which was only relatively recently. Discussions have re-commenced and the Mega Wales Committee will do their best to help NW.

The current list of side events isn't necessarily complete - there are other options being investigated/planned, although "stacking"/proximity rules can be a bit of a pain!

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I think this is what some people have been waiting for NW meet
2pm til 5pm? Maybe the Geolympix team will need to organise an evening pub event after all! Well done on finding somewhere nice for it though; the park sounds lovely and a multi starts just 91 feet away. Bonus! :D


You should also just have time to get here after attending the Picnic on Pen-y-Fan Event earlier in the day for those who really want to up their number of Event Finds!

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