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dakota 20 help

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Ok so i am out of town, and ran a pocket query for near me, i unzipped it and cut and pasted it under /garmin/gpx and nothing. there are three folders under gpx folder archive, current, and nav. what am i doing wrong? its really frustrating.


They should just go in the GPX folder. Is this the first time this has happened? Do other GPX files work ok? When you view the PQ on the website do the caches show up?

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this is the first time i attempted a pocket query..i have been loading the caches individually but finally decided to try it like this. over the last couple of days i individually loaded all the caches near where i am right now, none of them are saved. I have read somewhere about there being a limit to the amount of gpx files in the dakota, so i have cut all of the 1000+ gpx files out and attempting the pocket query file again

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ok that didn't work, now I have ZERO caches in the dakota....wierd, the pq i ran was based off coords of where I am, picked all caches I haven't found and that are enabled, got the gpx file from my email and saved it in the right spot. I did a preview of query and it shows all the ones around me...so i did query right...frustrating

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Wipe everything out of the GPX folder. If you are on a Mac you will need to empty the trash at this time. After this try the GPX file again. If it still doesn't work do you have another gps to test the GPX file? Just curious if it really does have anything in it or if it's corrupted. This will at least tell us if the problem is the gps or the PQ.

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well i know what i was doing wrong, I ran the "my finds query" LOL i just figured out that you have to select the day of the week....im in my hotel room and the gpsr is in the vehicle....so ill have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, but I think it will work. Just call me a dummy. lol thanks for your help


Ah ha! I knew it would be something simple. Just gals it's not the GPS. lol.

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