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I know that I am real new, but I have been seeing logs where people are making comments such as "1 of 60 plus finds today..." or some such things.


I went out Saturday morning from 0700-1100 and was able to stop at 9 caches, only found 3 but that is different sad story...


Do people just log caches that they see on their GPS as they drive by them? I thought you had to actually find the container and sign the log.


Even if I went out for 8 hours, best case for me would appear to be around 20-30 caches, and that would not include those lovely walks through a patch of woods that I never knew existed, and I find that part the most enjoyable.



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You have to sign the log to claim the find. People that get those high numbers in a single day are doing what are known as power trails. A several mile hike along a trail with caches placed every 0.1 miles. Or there screen name is a team and they have several people caching in an area with everyone claiming the finds.


Don't worry. Your cache per hour rating will increase as you get accustomed to the differnt methods people use to hide a cache. I'm not a power cacher like some people. Best run i've had is 8 caches in a day.

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Some people are in it for the numbers and might take a powerline road getting the same film container on the same spot of every tower for miles.

I've seen claims of over 600 in a day, whatever. They enjoy it so that's good.

I go out for a day and come home with maybe 5 finds as my best day. I had as much fun as the powerline cachers.

To each, our own.

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We found 40 today, and that was a leisurely bike ride of 4-5 hours or so. Nothing too strenuous, we could've gone further and grab more, but just didn't feel like it. All depends on what kind of caches you got around in your area. And yes, we did actually find each one and sign the log (and replaced the caches as we found them!) as we always do.

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I wondered how they did that too. But a few months ago we went on the ET Highway in Nevada. There were over 1000 caches along the route, about one every 700 to 1000 feet. We opted to sign 2 every 100 caches for a total of 24 or so. If you are in it for the numbers you will have to find these type of hides. By the way all of the ET caches have been archived, probably because some cachers stop on the highway rather than pull off creating traffic hazards. We are old folks, 70 and 63 respectively but we only log in caches we can physically have in hand. That means sometimes climbing trees or rocky places. As long as we can do it we will do it. Cache on.

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As others have pointed out, yes, numbers like you saw are definitely possible while actually finding the container and signing the log. Even without a power trail, it's possible to find more than 60 caches during daylight hours. I know people who have done puzzle runs with numbers in that range. They find an area within driving distance that has a lot of puzzle caches, solve the puzzles, and develop an optimized route from one cache location to the next. The day of the puzzle run, they meet in the early morning to drive to the target area, and then spend the day driving from one cache to another. Most of the caches will be easy to find, and most of the time will be spent driving from one location to the next.


For more info on numbers runs, see:


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We logged 23 or 24 today, and each cache had a log that we signed. Some were close to the logging road we were on, some we had to walk down a trail or clamber up a bank. We started by signing our full names, then abbreviated to P.Iti and P.Nui, then PI and PN. I made a note of that fact in on of the logs. It is possible, we have even done a few more, 27 I believe, on a summer's day last year. We saw some beautiful spots on that day, found a wonderful beach hut that did the best fries, and learned quite a bit about the history of the area.

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The most I've found in a day is 8, but that's because it was a leisurely drive and the actual caching was only about 2 hours or so. If you have an area with a lot of caches such as the English Lake District you could easily get a couple of dozen in a day without too much trouble.


The biggest problem is usually finding where to park, perhaps a mountain bike would speed things up.

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I have done 11 on a small walk round here, but that was a 2 hour country field walk on a lovely day, you can do loads as others say, but when i see those long round walks with caches every 100 metres or so i dont see the point, its just numbers.

I prefer the singles or more stretched out ones that were done to me anyway, with more thought rather than a number trek,

But hey each to his own and at least were all getting out there eh.

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Today I did 11, which is a record for me. I was only able to get that many because we were visiting Roswell, NM and it is in the middle of a desert. There just aren't any challenging hiding spots around here. Normally I only get 4 in a day, because we like to go to state and national parks, or just out into the country. We don't cache for the numbers, but we like that it takes us to places that we would probably overlook otherwise. We have discovered some really beautiful and fun places this way.

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Personally, I think there are "cache shenanigans" going on. If you are caching pretty much every day like I am (meaning not working--no job to go to), using a GPSr loaded with pocket queries, I find it difficult to believe some of the number of finds some people are claiming. What am I doing wrong? I have to drive to a location like everyone else, I have to park the car, walk to GZ, find the cache, sign the log, walk back, on to the next, etc., etc. Plus, I've found everything in my neighbourhood, now I'm driving great distances to look for caches elsewhere. The time consumption factor alone negates some of the numbers I'm expected to believe.

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Everyone has a different method to their madness.


If you spent all your time thinking/worrying about what others are doing (or not doing) - you wouldn't have time to enjoy it for yourself.


Develope your own goals and plan out how you want to achieve them. Enjoy the hobby for what it means to YOU and your family/friends.

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Well, I'm certainly not a "power cacher." What's the point?


Ran across someone here in Korea claiming to be power caching and logged 116 in one day. Take my word for it, that is not possible here! These were not "power trails." Some had a 3.0/3.5 rating, so had been disabled. Today I went to and area where he had claimed some of those 117, and found only 2 of 7, with a pretty high degree of certainty that at least some of those DNF's really were missing. But, guess what? There was NO log entry on the physical logs of any of these caches. I've seen other logs missing an entry from these false claims of a find. I don't really know what the policy is, but I've notified our volunteer reviewer.

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My family and I went out caching for the first time yesterday.Hunted 6 caches,found 5.And found that while the discovery has a high cool factor,it's the thrill of the hunt that makes it worth it.


IMO,don't worry about how many caches you find.Have fun hunting them down.

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I'm only new to the game also but with 2 adults and 3 kids in tow we found 12 in an afternoon the other day. It worked for us because we were travelling home from somewhere and only tried to get the ones that we just off the road of actually on the road. They were all pretty easy bar one.


I have seen 60 caches now so was looking more that for the normal small canister. I think if you have more eyes and a resonably easy caches then it can be done.


A friend and I found 7 the other afternoon and one was a 3km walk to get to it.


Its not in the numbers but the fun you had getting there.

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