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Maximum Zones permitted

Master Mariner

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I am working on a cartridge with 24 zones. Only one zone is active and displayed at any one time. Is there a limit to the number of zones that can be used in a cartridge? When I go from Zone 23 to Zone 24 in the emulator I see that there is "nowhere to go". I have checked the 23rd zone and everything is fine. If I remove the 23rd zone and make the 24th zone the 23rd everything is OK. I am using the Urwigo builder (latest version).


I have seen references in the forums to limits on the number of "active" zones allowed but I do not think this falls into this category as there is only one zone active and displayed at any one time. All other zones are not displayed and are inactive!

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make sure you have the distances right. a zone isn't visible unless it's in "Distance Range".

setting Distance Range to -1 makes the zone visible from everywhere - try that


Hi Matejcik


You are a star!!! I always leave the "Always in range" box checked but must have unchecked it when creating the zone. I would (obviously) never had looked at that! It has run through the emultaor OK just now from start to finish.


Many thanks.

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