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Garmin 60CSx crashed

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Help! I have a 60CSx approx 1 month old. Today, whilst out geocaching, the unit simply crashed. Switched itself off. If I switch it on again, it will either 1) show the Garmin start up screen for approx 5 seconds, then switch itself off, or 2) show the Garmin start up screen permanently, but not allow me to press any keys to move to any functions. At no time does it proceed to the "acquiring satellites" display. There are fresh batteries in the unit (I have also tried powering up via the USB cable via a PC, it makes no difference).


The exception to either scenario above is that I can, for a few seconds, press any / all buttons on the front of the unit as soon as the Garmin display appears, and get a response as if the unit is working properly but, after no more than 5 seconds, the unit shuts itself down / freezes.


I have no idea what is going on, I'm not confident that the Garmin helpline will be much help, knowing how hopeless these things usually are, can anyone make any suggestions? As it stands I have spent £270 on something that doesn't work!

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I'll answer my own question.......may be of use to others.


Apparently, you need to hold down QUIT + MENU + ZOOM OUT + POWER at the same time - no mean feat in itself. I did, and hey presto, I'm back in the land of the living again. You will lose all your settings, just like getting the unit out of the packaging for the first time....but it worked, for me anyway!

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