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How did that happen?

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I am looking at past caches I have found........ well I like to see who has found them after me :-) I notice on the map of areas I have found caches instead of a smiley face for my found caches it is showing as a normal icon for caches. Why is this does anyone know?

thank you

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I was wondering the same thing last night and this morning. Glad to hear that it is an issue and not some account setting that I changed for some reason. Also, I don't have happy faces on the beta map feature either. Additionally I noticed that when you do a search from the home page, the list of results that you get one the second page, there is normally an icon close to the top of the page to view all of the caches on the map - that button is not there right now, maybe it is because of the site issue?

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I am also not seeing the smiley faces for the caches I have found. I tried the beta maps option like you mentioned, but no smiley faces there either. I am sure you are working on it, keep up the good work and thank you for the site.

On the left side of the beta maps screen check "enable personalization" and your hides and finds will be marked

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