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Traveling to France June 27-29

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Hello there,


I will be traveling with some students from Atlanta, GA USA to the Paris area (Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre and Notre-Dam area) June 27-28 and Normandy Beack and the American Cemetary visiting the Omaha Beach on June 29th. Can someone tell me what easy caches there are near these areas? I will be bringing travel bugs with me from the States to leave in France and would love to take some back to the States with me too! Of course, if you'd like to meet up as well, let me know! Please email me directly if you can help!


I hope my French translation was adequate!




Bonjour là, Je voyagerai avec quelques étudiants d'Atlanta, GA Etats-Unis à la région de Paris (Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, la région de Louvre et de Notre-Barrage) les 27-28 juin et Normandie Beack et le cimetière américain visitant la plage d'Omaha le 29 juin. Est-ce que quelqu'un peut me dire quelles cachettes faciles là sont près de ces secteurs ? J'apporterai des bogues de voyage avec moi des états partir en France et aimerais en prendre de nouveau aux états avec imitation ! Naturellement, si you' ; d aiment se réunir vers le haut aussi bien, m'a laissé savent ! Veuillez m'envoyer directement si vous pouvez aider ! J'espère que ma traduction française était proportionnée ! - Corey

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Hello from France...

For Paris I can contact you to send some caches.

For Normandie and Omaha Beach I can also send to you son's e-mail. My son live in Caen. Last week iIve made 30 caches in Normandie. If you have a car or bus it's very easy to find .

You can contact me at :

bye bye


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On June 27 and 28th, I will be staying ar:


Relais des Chartreux

Rue de la Ceriseraie (N20)

Saulx Les Chartreux



and on the 29th:


Le Grand Hotel de l'Esperance - Lisieux

16 Boulevard Sanite-Anne




What caches are close to these areas? And are they far apart from one another?


Thanks for all your help!



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If you travel to the north of Caen, you must go to GC122J1 (Pegasus Bridge) and GC103J3 (bunkers). Famous places and nice to see. But not really on the way from Lisieux to Omaha.


If you do not have enough time you can go to GC2KNJY (Omaha Beach) or GC24PV7 (pointe du Hoc).


Lisieux is to far from my home, I don't know any geocaches there ! BUT...On the way from Lisieux to Omaha, you can have a break at GC1TWYB (PLEASE : read ALL logs) or GC1KZ47, GC1TPPD, GC2TP7R. Those are not famous, but not too far from your way.


Do not hesitate if you would like any other informations.


See You.



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