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IDEA: Caches with Hidden Coordinates...


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No... Hear me out on this one...


What if you wanted to place a multicache, and wanted to have separate cache logs for each part of the cache...


Wouldn't it be possible, and dare I say even great if you could generate a cache page at Geocaching for the supsequent parts of your multicaches without giving away the coordinates??


My idea is this, you enter the cache as you would any other, including the coordinates, but you elect to keep the coordinates hidden. Perhaps there is a description of what you need to do (which cahce you need to go to) in order to get the coordinates to this cache.


My understanding is that all caches must have a set of coordinates (and not N00 00.000' W000 00.000) to aid in the accuracy of Travel bug tracking.


So currently if somebody deposits a TB in one of your subsequent caches, and logs it on the cache page, the TB claims to be in the first cache in the series, rather than the cache it is really in, thus adding error to the TB distance tracking.


Just a thought, as I recently posted a multi-cache that will result in the discovery of 18 of my TravleBugs (I am still preparing them for departure, so don't everybody start running just yet) Unfortunately, the cache containing the TBs is going to be a couple of miles from the original cache... Not that 1- or 2 miles over thousands really makes a difference... but I sort of wanted people to log their experiences at each part of the cache...


Well what does the group think of this??


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If there were no co-ordiantes, then it would not show up on any of the search results pages. No one would know the cache existed.


To facilitate the type of cache you are discussing, we have simply used the co-ordinates of the parking area (or when driving was required, the co-ordiantes of the first parking area).




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I've seen a couple of caches that say "THE COORDINATES ARE NOT REAL" or something like that. All you have to do is put in the coordinates for the starting point of your multicache as the coordinates for each stage.


Eg. 5 stages, each one with a different cache page but all have same coordinates which are only actually correct for stage 1.


If I tried to go to a different stage by accident I'd end up at the start of the multicache anyways.


Otherwise if someone goes sponteaneously caching with their GPS full of waypoints they might get confused and/or upset.



Mobile Cache Command


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