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Area 51 Series - Restricted Area Geocoin

Team kizb

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I've made a few color changes based on how the samples turned out and will be placing the mint order soon. Price will be set once I get the final quote back. Thanks for all the positive comments and input. This was a fun coin to work on.


Now I just need to get back to finishing the next two coins in the Series :ph34r:

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I have now placed the order for the Restricted Area Geocoins. So it's now offically the 2nd coin in the Area 51 Series :)


There will be 3 different versions: Midnight, Daybreak, and Gray. Price will be $9.00 USD + shipping.


No payment is required to place a reservation.


To place your reservation please e-mail be at blackhillscacheshop@gmail.com with the following information:




PayPal e-mail address:

Number of each version to reserve:

Country coins will be shipped to:


If you have any further questions regarding reservations or general information about this coin feel free to contact me at blackhillscacheshop@gmail.com




Team kizb

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I've received pictures from the mint of the coins that are due to arrive Friday! Once they are checked I'll begin sending out the invoices for those that placed a reservation.


The versions are:


Top left - Gray: Black Nickle w/ Gray Aliens

Top right - Midnight: Black Nickle w/ dark green Aliens

Bottom - Daybreak: Antique Silver w/ light green Aliens







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Got ours today... fantastic coins....!!!


I heard the mailman (or what I thought was the mailman) at the front door,,,


Went to retrieve the package and saw a trench coat swiftly moving down our street....coulda swore it was the the cigarette man from the X-Files :ph34r:

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