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You Pick your Post Cointest


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You Pick your Post Cointest


I have been wanting to run another cointest, but have not been able to figure out what cointest to run. The only thing that I knew is that I wanted it to be a fun cointest that would be educational and entertaining. I thought and I thought and have not been able to come up with anything...and thats when it hit me - maybe I was overthinking the whole thing. Maybe all I needed was to have a cointest where you pick your post. That is what I decided to do. This is the...You Pick your Post Cointest.


You pick what you want to post - the only requirement is that it is related to geocaching or geocoins.


It can be a story, a picture, or whatever else you can think of to post. I would love to see pictures of places you have been, coins you like, and maybe even some stories to go with them. Have fun with this - thats what it is all about. There will be a drawing at the end of the cointest and I will be giving away 2 Enduring love coins, Antique Bronze edition.




You can post more than once, up to 4 posts each day. I will leave the cointest open for 1 week. Cointest ends at 23:59 eastern standard time on 4/26. I will announce the winners early on the 27th.

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OK, I'm game... This should be a really, really interesting cointest. Thanks for running it.


I'm currently selling some of my duplicate geocoins on eBay - no point in them sitting around collecting dust, I might as well get some of that money back. The annoying thing is that I see others selling the same geocoins for several times what I am getting for mine and I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing wrong!!!



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We cache in Arabia (Abu Dhabi) - I always find it so odd - here were are just exiting winter and hearing all our European and North American cachers looking forward to their caching season in Spring and summer - but here - although we are in the northern hemisphere - it is totally opposite - we are just ending our caching season and looking foerward to a hot summer when little or no caching can be done - especially out of the urban environment and in the countryside (desert).


Just a little odd and interesting geocachign trivia for you.

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This will be a nice thread to follow!


The first geocoin I found was a Travel Express geocoin. Very nice, since I like steam trains a lot! This coin seems to be a good traveler, since it is rather small.


Yesterday I activated my own Travel Express geocoin. Its mission is to visit trains and train stations all over Norway. I'm hoping for lots of pictures! If we're lucky, we'll get to drop it off by a steam train later today!

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This was one of the coolest places geocaching has taken me to - the Grotte Aux Fées (Fairy Grotto) Earthcache in Switzerland (GC1WG21).

You have to walk on a path through a dark narrow cave system (where one section was used as an old military post/lookout), which leads to a big waterfall going into a small lake (which runs through part of the caves).

Would never have know about it if it wasn't for geocaching.



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This is a picture of creepy looking horse statue in America's #1 haunted city (ATHENS, OHIO).... near one of the most haunted places.... a huge cemetery with hundreds of graves that are marked only by a small tombstone with a number on it.... no names. Within about 500 feet of where this picture was taken, there are several old buildings... one of them being the old psych ward where hundreds of lobotomies were performed in the 1950's. Now, the buildings are used as part of Ohio University's med program... and has a small art exhibit. Needless to say, that was one of the creepiest/memorable/most humbling cache finds that we have found.... but that is how we like them.


Thanks for the cointest Eyed10t!

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The newbie's story: I have one geocoin, an event coin that came with the geocache starter kit, although I am adopting a second one so I will have two once it is placed. I hid my first cache but it has only been found by one person and his son so I guess you could say two people. They took the coin and took it to an event which I think is cool and passed it to another cacher at the event and that cacher still has it. I'm 4 caches away from 100 finds. That is it. All you chachers with thousands of finds and hundreds of coins amaze me.


Thanks for the cointest.



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Here's a predicimant.


I placed a cache in an area that was very special to me as it was the forest surrounding my first apartment in Cambridge. We spent a lot of time in these woods exploring, walking the dog, and all that fun stuff. Sounds like a perfect spot, right?


Well I hid it in the winter, assuming that the area was the same way it was 3 years ago. Bad idea on my part. I guess the area now is a popular teen hangout and is covered in garbage and every log never fails to remind me of the horrible location.


The last log was a note, and it kind of pushed me to disable the cache until I decide what to do with it.


[note] April 18 by [cacher] (2708 found)


I was going to attempt this one this evening, but as I approached GZ, I noticed a group of teens lingering pretty much right at GZ. I continued along the paved trail until I got to the schoolyard (I think it was a school anyway) and found a trail that went back into the bush along the top of the ridge. The teens weren't leaving so I turned around and went back the way I came. Its definitely a hangout spot - which would also explain all the trash - if only they'd learn to pick up after themselves! Just a word of note - I did notice an empty needle casing along the trail at the top of the ridge. I'll have to come back another time


So now, I'm deciding whether to archive it or attempt to move it elsewhere in the woods. <_<


Edited to add: Here's the link to the cache: Kimi's Secret Tree

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Thanks for the cointest!


I've been very lucky with my travelers. Some have gone overseas and some are still going!! But, my very worst traveler went only .3 miles from its first drop and was then stolen. I think that might be a record.

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Interesting cointest. It is fun to read the varied posts. :)

Post 1: That is Why: I carry a tiny Canon Elph camera everywhere. It takes great close-up photos for its size; landscape shots are not as sharp. So when posting photos with finds, the ones I upload are often flowers or bugs that caught my attention while caching. Well, better spider beetles than spoilers. Right? :ph34r:


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Besides geocaching, I also love soccer and I try to find caches near soccer fields my daughter is playing on. Going to a practice with a new team tonite and there is a cache at the field so will try to make the find while she is practicing. I wonder if MLS teams would make geocoins to sell; of the 36,000 fans at every Seattle Sounders game there must be a least a few hundred cachers who would buy coins.

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Well I do all my forums from my phone so I'll just post a link.




It's a sight that has some of my finds, hides, and other random geocaching things. It's done with an app I use on my iPhone.


Just a suggestion, Block the Geocoin codes in your pics or else the world will post as a find


Well that's ok by me but they're all unactivated coins that I've collected or traded for. But will block the numbers just In case.

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I think one of my favorite caches was I an old cholera cemetery that wAs founded by the mayor of the town at that period in time. They had essentially bought a one acre lot and turned it into basically a mass grave for all the ones that died from cholera because they were passing from it at such a high rate that they couldn't accommodate such a situation. Even the mayor and his family fell to the cholera epidemic and was buried in that lot. Very sad story but a unique piece of history that was so close and I had no idea about but was taken there due to geocaching.

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One of the first coins I discovered in a cache was the BSA 2010 coin. This coin was only avalible through a drawing given out by the Boy Scouts of America through the local councils. Since I am very involved with the Boy Scouts and my son is a cub scout I realy wanted one of these coins, well both my son and I entered the drawing through two diferent councils, but on the consecutive days we recieved packages in the mail and we had both won one! In fact I won a coin from a third council that made their own coins. I recieved this one in the mail on the same day my son recieved his. Three coins in two days, now we are hooked and starting our own collection.

My BSA coin now goes with me to caches as a visitor.

I am sure I have shared this photo on other posts, but I realy like it.


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The very first cache I found is very appropriately named Geocaching 101. It was the closest cache to my house. My son and I discussed how to solve it the night before I went to look for it. He thought the puzzle was one thing and I thought something else. I should have stuck to my guns as I tried his way to solve the puzzle and no go. Then I tried mine and sure enough there it was and I had my first smiley--a puzzle cache. LOL A while later the owner offered it up for adoption because he was moving to Arizona. Several offered to adopt it but since it was my first ever find and was a tad sentimental to me he adopted it to me. Now I own my first find!

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One of my best visits in a cache was during winter, in the top of the highest mountain here in Rhodes! We were the whole family together and... we say snow!!!! it is extremelly rare here... and this time, the snow was a lot... for Rhodes climate....


the whole family played with the snow.... my mother tried to make a snowman, I made one too... Rosmary's baby... we had so much fun!! :) My brother in law took me and my father a photo loging the cache too! :D you can see everything here...




thanks for the cointest!!! :D

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Of the caches I've placed my favorite is the furtherest from me. I started naming them the chiro-caches, right from the beginning. Chiro-cache 7, for Kathy in heaven (GCZQNV) most certainly holds the most meaning for me...the description follows:


I've been to a couple of memorial caches located in cemeteries, and though they certainly honor someone loved and missed, they seem to honor the passing of that person, and not their life. Chiro-cache 7 is placed in memory of my wife and best friend, Kathy, and is intended to instead, honor her living, and our life together, not her passing.

Kathy and I were married at this very location June 25, 1988! Although this was not the very beginning of our lives together, it signified a commitment and love for each other. This was a place of happiness for us.


For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part, or not. Kathy, I love you still.


Contained in the cache is a picture from our wedding, and a log book. Please bring a pencil to sign the log. E-mail me, please if there are any problems with the cache...my in-laws live in the area, and will try to fix them ASAP. The cache is placed with the permission of the park.


Finally, if you find the cache with someone you love, give them a hug and kiss after replacing the log...thanks!




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I have writen this again, but I became a geocacher because of a geocoin!! the First greek geocoin 2007!

While I was searching in the net (ebay) for a cheap coin or banknote... and while I was looking the greek coins and notes... I fell on an auction of this geocoin! I had no idea what it was... but it looked so pretty!! I fell in love with it! :D


I started searching for more info about it! it looked like the 50 drachma coin we had... (same ship) but it was so different... I thought it was a token or a medal.... but why its name was geocoin??

I searched for the site it was saying that it was trackable and found geocaching! that was a love from first sight too!!

It was like the treasure hunt game I used to play with my friends when I was a kid! we used to go to some cave sanctuaries near my home... during the medieval times these caves used to be the nest of the dragon of Rhodes! (true story!!!) so... you can imagine that we were trying to find the treasure of the dragon... :lol:


And.... I finally found the treasure!!! It was this game and the lovely cachers of the forums mostly and some that I managed to see from close! :)


Sorry... no photos of the geocoin... I have the greek version in my collection and an AG, but I do not have a scanner or a digital camera... but I am sure you can see a photo of it when you search...

But... I have kept in photobucket... (and were saved) from the caves I was talking about.....






isn't the 3rd photo spooky?? we used to call it... the mouth of the beast or dragon... :D

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ok... here is one of my stories about a cache and a strange day.....


The story is published in the online geocacher magazine!


I have to say that no matter if they sound... strange.... everything is true!! We still laugh with all that!!




We wanted to find some caches at that day, so we wanted to be quick! There are not many caches in Rhodes, but they have some distance between them!


Anyway... We were going to Archangelos village, were it was a cache at a place called Profitis Ilias! Well, we knew that this place had a small church, and all the churches with that name are in mountains!


Unfortunately we didn't know where it was! We had never visited that place! I searched in books, and in the net, and found that there was a big festival and celebrations once a year when it was the name of the saint and it was quite famous for the villagers of all nearby villages and Archangelos of course!

So...it was going to be an easy find!!!!


HA!!! Only in our dreams!!!


When we arrived, we entered in the village and started searching for a sign or something, to help us find the way! Nothing!!! GPS was not helping us, we were very new with the GPS, so...


We took all roads in the village; we were making rounds...rounds... nothing!!!! We had to ask a local to help us!

To the first man we saw sitting, we stopped to ask him about this church! He was looking us strangely! Then he said...."sorry I am from Albania, I do not speak good Greek and I do not know"!!!!

Well...ok! Many foreigners are working in Rhodes!


We left from there and some minutes later, we saw 2 women sitting! We stopped to ask them but.... one was from Bulgaria and the other was from Russia!!!

Where were the Greeks?? We are in an island... how we passed the borders??


Then we saw a guy! We asked him but he was mute!!!! Can you believe that???? Someone was joking with us!!!


We decided to go in an other area of the village! There, we found a young girl (hmm... pretty too! ), we asked were the "Profitis Ilias" small church was, but she was sending us to Profitis Ilias in Salakos, an other village far away from Archangelos!!!

No, no! We said to her! There is a church here in Archangelos with that name! There is a big festival in his name day!!! Don't you know it???

- No! I never heard that before! She told us!

- Are you from here? We asked her! Well, we had already seen enough so...

She was from the village!!!


We were driving in the village trying to find a way for more than an hour! Maybe even more than 1:30 hours, so we were about to forget this cache! Then we saw 2 old women coming from the cemetery!!

Hey!!! They are old, they are from the village and they know about churches for sure!!!

Oh yes! They told us were to go!!!!!!!!

When we told them what we had been through they laughed!

- Are you from here or you are from an other place of Greece? They asked!

Oups! That question sounds familiar!!!


- We are from Rhodes! We do not know this church and we were told that it is in a nice place..... (Oh boy!!!)


The road didn't have a sign! We took it and saw that at the half of it was the place they used to throw their garbage!! A lovely place and ... At least they stopped...I think!

We continued our way up, to find the church at the top of the mountain! Jesus! The road was full of goat droppings!!! Ok there were many goats there but the road was almost black!!!


We went to the top and the view was excellent!!! The church was very old!

There were some locals there eating in the yard of the church! We continued to find the cache and we were careful not to be seen! They didn't see us because they were busy with their food!


The cache was an easy find! We logged quickly, we enjoyed the view and then we went to the church to light a candle!

There was an old woman in there! We spoke to her, and she started talking to us! She talked, talked...

then she asked us why we were there! We told her that we didn't know the place, and we accidentally found it!

- Oh! a lot of tourists are coming like that! She told us! They like going there! And showed us the area with the hidden cache!

We said nothing except that the view is fantastic there, so..


We thanked her and we were leaving but she wanted to give us food to eat! We didn't want and we politely told her that we were going to a tavern but she insisted!!!

She took a plate that was dirty, she cleaned (?) it with a dirty piece of cloth and put something inside!!!!

It was spaghetti with warmed goat milk and goat cheese in pieces (she cut the cheese with her hand). It smelt really bad! A sour thing was coming from the plate!

She was forcing us to eat!

I was looking at my sister, she was looking at my brother in law, and he was looking at me!!! Then were started looking at the plate!!! Who was going to be the hero????


Then we told her that we really had to leave, and she took the plate which was full in that kind of food, and put it in a used plastic bag, to take it with us!! We politely refused but...without any success! We told her...what about the plate?


- It is yours!


Ok! I admit she was extremely polite, but...


We put the plate in the car and left! Oh my.... The terrible smell was in the car now! I still remember that smell!


It was winter time, it was cold, but.... the smell was terrible, so we had to leave the windows open, otherwise we were going to faint from the smell!!!!!


Some kilometres away, we stopped and throw the food to some stray cats! At least the food was not wasted! There is only one thing that I did not understand! Why the cats ran away when they smell the food??!!?? No Joking!!!!


My brother in law went to clean the plate to return it in a later visit, but while he was cleaning it, the plate fell from his hand and broke! The leftovers of the food went on him and he was.....

We laughed so much!!!



Of course now we were facing another problem now....... My brother in law started smelling like a goat, but we couldn't do anything about it!!! .....After all he was the driver!!!



What a day!!!

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hmm... my last post for today...


I adore geocaching because not only I like the game but because I discovered unique places here in my island that... I didn't even know their existance!!!


We have now some great places for a pic nic too! :D


I also discovered historic places with antiquities. that probably were known to a few only plus the archeologists..


When I was trying to find my first caches... and without having GPS, and without knowing a lot how to use google maps etc... I made a mistake and I was searching a cache in the wrong mountain!! :D Well.. it was not too bad... I may didn't find the cache at that time but I found a WWII Italian guardhouse with places for cannons looking at the sea! of course.. only some stones and cement were left! the area had been bombed in WWII... but I didn't know the place... :)


The cache was found the next day!

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My favorite geocaching photo so far has to be the cache we found that was dog themed with our geocaching dog Kaylee.. she's a herding dog and hadn't been on a hike with us yet.. she was entered in a "pretty dog" show the next weekend (even though she much more prefers sheep herding and getting muddy) but we took her anyway.. and she had the best time surprising us jumping over and on top of spots we had no clue she could get to.. and controlling herself and watching as we forged large hills and valleys where she could have easily taken me down by just running down the steep slopes that I had to slowly go down with her on a leash.. best thing is that being a herding dog she got covered from head to toe in mud that day and shook it off an hour later and was still ready to be a "pretty dog" the next weekend.


We found 8 caches out of 9 that day. The one that we didn't find she just laid down and ignored our searching.. I'm convinced we weren't meant to find that one..lol.



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Post #2:


Well, winter is definitely moving in here in New Zealand. The sunny days ain't so warm now as the sun sinks lower and lower in the sky and we start to get frosty nights. I really need to get out and get some more geocaching done in the next few weeks! I have a couple of my own geocaches which have problems with them - actually they're MIA - so I might use the easter break to get something done about them!!


And on winter... Normally we'd not start having to really use our fireplace (log burner) until May, but we've been using it everyday for 3 weeks already. This means that we're in for a long, hard winter this year (I really fell for those people in and around Christchurch whose houses aren't going to be as warm this winter due to quake damage - and it is going to be many years before many of these houses will be fixed! :o ).


It means we will be spending part of this coming easter weekend also going out and getting even more firewood as I predict we might burn out way through twice as much as normal.

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Day 1, Post #3


The other thing I plan to do over the easter weekend is to sit down, devise and write some proper notes on Geocaching so that next term I can go around the local Scout Troops and Cub Packs and teach them all about it. The idea is I am going to gather up some geocoins (I've got some previously activated ones already that other people were selling off cheap - but if other people have some geocoins they'd like to donate to this then I am more than will to receive them :)) and give one to each to the Scout Troops to send out traveling.


That reminds me - I need to create a geocaching.com account for the Scout Troops too! Must do that.

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favorite geocaching event would be last year's MWGB. the last night of the event I was able to sit and talk with several people that frequent the geocoin forum..in fact we sat at the campfire taling until about 2AM...it had been a long time since I had the opportunity to sit and talk about everything and nothing at all with such a group. My thianks to all!


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Day 1, Post #4


The other thing I must do over easter is sort out my Heifer Tags and get them activated, set up and ready to go.


For those who don't know what I am talking about, Jackalgirl is organising The Great Cow Tag Race in conjunction with Moozer. There are 2 "categories" of tags you can buy - one lot are Racer Cows and are being released at the 2011 Sonoma County GeoRally. You buy a tag and it gets sent to Moozer to be released at the GeoRally.


The second category of tags are ones you can buy and get shipped to you that you then activate and release. There are race/game categories for these too.


And the great thing is that some money from the sale of each tag goes to Heifer International! So go have a look at the thread on these and then go buy some Cow Tags to join in the fun!!


Your own tags can be got at Jackalgirl's grafikato shop.


I hope no one considers this hijacking EyeD10T's thread - it just one of the things I am up to this weekend and it relates to geocaching, and it's for a great cause. :)

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The Second Post: My Favorite Can't Favorite

On vacation, we were driving from Nashville to Gatlinburg. I am the only cacher of the family, but they allow me to choose a few quick leg-stretchers along the way. I researched and chose wisely. Stop two was GCY9YG Norma's Overlook. It was a misty day; we enjoyed the dripping trees as we took the short walk to the waterfall and cache area. We explored and discovered interesting flora and rock face openings. Everyone loved the Park. But I can't favorite the cache, because we never found the container. It had gotten muggled since the previous find. Now it is archived. On a positive note, GC1Y420 Stumpy's Path is now hidden in the area. Someday we will return there, so I can (hopefully!) favorite one of my favorites.

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