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Looking for a secondary GPS (Smartphones other than iPhone?)

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When I've gone out caching (I have a 60Cx), usually someone wants to tag along. It would probably be more fun if we all had GPSs. I've read a lot about the iPhone GPS and how it's hit and miss, but don't know a lot about how phone GPSs work.


I'd generally expect to be using the phone in places with mediocre cell/3G reception, do I need good connections for caching or is there a real GPS in these phones? Do any phones have a better GPS than the iPhone?


Should I just forget about getting a smartphone for Player 2 and get any phone and a cheapo GPS as a secondary?

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Most modern smartphones have decent GPS chipsets... my BlackBerry (a Bold 9650) has the SirfStar III. It's decent.

I have used the Trimble app Geocache Navigator to find quite a few caches, though I prefer my Oregon 450.


I'd say get whatever phone you want--smart or dumb phone. If that happens to be an Android phone, a BlackBerry, or an iPhone... do it. If you can use it for caching, great. If not, find a cheap or used backup GPSr.



Personal recommendation on if you decide to get a smartphone... go Android. Not sure what carrier you're on or any of that but now days everyone has access to a slew of good Android handsets. If my phone weren't a corporate-provided tool I'd still have an Android phone.

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if ur waiting for the i-phone the 5th gen is coming out in a couple months it should be a big upgrade....

No release date has been announced and most rumor sites (some of which tend to be reliable) are projecting a Fall release, not the usual June release.

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