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our 1st Geocaching event EVER in our city!

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I am so excited for this event. I started geocaching about 3 months ago with my family and absolutely love it! My daughter is involved in a community youth group called Making Right Choices and it is their mission to do good for thier community and serve as positive role models for their peers. She thought this would be a great way for them to get people involved in geocaching in our city while making a great contribution to one of our parks. Our city has been working tirelessly cleaning this park up. They have drained the pond and cleaned the trash from it, had inmates tear down and rebuild a beautiful dock, cleaned up the big stuff, and now they are down to the cosmetics of the park and neighborhood. They have come on board with our efforts and asked for help in finishing up the cosmetics by picking up trash and debris around the perimeter of our park on April 30th, 2011 beginning at 9:00 a.m.


After talking to a few people, and they talked to other people, we now a great coalition in town called BEAT (Breathe Easy Ark-Tex) Tobacco Coalition. They have graciously bought food from one of the best bar-b-q places in our city and have guaranteed that the first 100 people who say they will attend will get a plate with chips and a drink. Our Waste Management place said they will provide us 5 volunteers to help serve our volunteers and work with our youth at a water station we will have set up. Our police dept and sheriff's office have agreed to help us in our endeavor and we are finishing up the details on their donations. And we even have a hotel that is super excited to be on board. We are working out the final details of the hotel cost for our volunteers as well. Our Chamber of Commerce has given us some goodies and the goodie bags that we will have on hand as a thank you gift to you, and our Texarkana Museum System will be there with a short geocaching orientation and will even have some GPS's on hand to the newcomers. I am so excited to see that our community wants something like this and is embracing it as they have. I hope that it will be a success so our city will want to partner with us again when another geocaching event heads this way.


After planning our CITO event, I even had the pleasure of hooking up with geocachers with the AR Geocaching Association and they are now planning a meet and great in Texarkana on April 29th, the night before at our local Pizza Inn. Wow!!! You don't understand how excited I am. I hope to see everyone who reads this there so I can meet you and hear your stories and teach me what I can look forward to in this new adventure of geocaching.

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