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CITO questions, how to get others involved?

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So I've only been caching in this particular state for a few weeks now, and I can easily just flat out say easily over half of the caches I've gone to are in or around trash-filled areas.


So I was hoping to place a CITO-themed cache around here, along with CITO swag in others that badly need it.


One idea I heard of I really liked, stuffing grocery bags or trash bags into film canisters. Of course, I'd like to add in things like gloves and hand sanitizer in the caches as well.


I was also thinking of something like buying a couple different cito geocoins to use as prizes, but to get it you have to fill up a certain number of trash bags or something (with a picture of the person with filled bag at the cache location (along with GC#) so I know they aren't just taking out their trash, ahah) and maybe something like a before and after picture, since I have a feeling some people would just bring a trash bag from home if they really wanted it that bad.


I'm not thinking full on event, because I'm only in this state for a short time (Moving back to my home state in july) So, are there any suggestions for cito caches? I'd search more on the forums, but unfortunately my search option doesn't work too well with my internet running at 12kb/s

Also, any suggestions on cheap bulk things like hand sanitizing wipes, gloves, etc?

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If your only in the area for a short time it may not be a good idea to place a cache. Otherwise you'll have to archive it or find someone to adopt it before you move. A CITO even would be a better option to help get places cleaned up. Late May or early June would give you plenty of time to pull a little event together. Just find the local Geocaching organization and see what they can do to help.

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Luckily I do have a lot of friends in the area that told me they'd want to adopt my cache if I put it out. Unfortunately there don't seem to be enough people in this area (all the larger groups are hours away) interested in geocaching for me to think there'd be a successful CITO event if I attempted to put on one. I doubt any of my friends in the area would even be willing to set aside more than 30 minutes in their day to go pick up other people's trash, ahaha. Hence why I'm trying to just find some things to put in caches to help encourage CITO in the area. It might be easier to just leave a little bit of supplies in an ammo can somewhere to encourage people to CITO a bit on their way out than it is to try to put on a large event that might have little turn-out.

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Wow. While I am new to the sport, this really has touched my eco-freak button in a good way. Taking from your original post, and your desire to encourage CITO on a larger, and perhaps event free basis, I had an idea. Why not? I love the idea of cachers taking pictures of their nice and full trash bags, the before and after pics of the area could be helpful too to keep everyone on the straight and narrow ;-). Shoot...it wouldn't have to stay local. Go global! Here online, you essentially have a large club. The internet is a community of it's own, so put em to work just like you would a local club. I mentioned earlier that I'm new. I finally got a day off and was walking my dog for the first time since discovering the sport today. I just couldn't help it, my head was on a swivel lol. Looking in the trees, the bushes, the buildings for anything out of place and at the same time scouting for might be my first hide in the future (gotta find a few dozen first I've been told) and I spotted a sweet one. Nice big chunk of abandoned wooded land, small trails criss crossing it, big rock pile in the middle, parking nearby. Sounds good, then I realized that nearly every square yard had some kind of refuse in it :(. My first thought was...well...not repeatable lol...my second thought was, why not clean it up? Perhaps the CITO should be TOCI first. Think of how much better the planet could get if all the clubs picked particularly trashy spots for their caches, and cleaned them up FIRST. Just a thought.


Anyway, I caught the bit about wanting to leave a kit of sorts, (perhaps a step in a multi?) and read where the sanitizers are liquid and thus potentially a mess. We use a wipe at work instead of the gel. I found a link quickly for these by searching purell hand sanitizer wipes. They're not cheap, but they come in a package of 175 so it shouldn't be too hard to split them up into an airtight container.

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