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Shadow's Spring Fever Cointest


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Shadow is very excited that so many people are offering him treats. Images of carrot, oatmeal, and Pineapple are dancing in his head. I don’t think that he can wait too long for this test.


All post before 7 pm central time tonight (4-15-11) will be tabulated to figure the order the treats are offered to him. After that we will offer him the treats to see which one he likes, and then who the winner is. We will post the winner sometime for 10 pm central time.


All items on the list he does get on a regular basis. Some items he likes more than other. His favorites do change from minute to minute. All items have an equal chance of being taken or rejected.




Is it still 24 hours between posts then of can I post another guess?


I'd like to see a video of him hopping from treat to treat! :laughing:

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Alfalfa pellet


(Hi, NOSNOW and Shadow's friend!)


Hi Ms Rubble! It"s always nice to see you, even if it's text!


Dried cranberry, apple, cheerios


We would have picked yogurt as a first choice as that used to be his favorite but doesn't agree with his digestive system.


Wow, either you have a very good memory or you did some research. I too would bet on yogurt, if it was an option.

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Team Triggerfinger says Shadow will choose one of the following treats since he has good taste.




Banana Chip


We previously had rabbits in years past. There names were:

Smokey, Thumper, Oreo, and Snowball. In memory of those bunnies, Shadow will choose one of the items we picked.


Chanting: Shadow..Shadow...Shadow.

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Here are the stats for tonight tasting. There are the ones before 7:00pm. We will be starting soon and will let you know what he took.


Apple (25)

Carrot (22)

Cheerio (21)

Alfalfa pellet (16)

Apricot (Dried) (13)

Raisin (13)

Banana chip (11)

Cranberry (Dried) (9)

Pineapple (7)

Oatmeal (5)

Almond (3)

Peanut (2)


We are going to try to video him.


Here is the tray


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Shadow was a little nervous about taking treats tonight. I think having the camera out and all the lights on got him worried. But he did come through and he made a choice. He turned down the apple and then the carrot and chose the Cheerio.


Out of all post before 7:00 pm three people had Cheerio for their first choice, BlueEyedAussie, Where's My Marbles and MoonCat & KDT. And the winner is MoonCat & KDT! Congratulations, you can choose one coin from the list in post one.


Thanks for playing everyone!


Here is the video of Shadow’s Spring Fever Cointest


Shadow didn’t have much fun as it was kind of new to him. So we will try it again Sunday night at 7:00 pm Central. All post after 7:00 pm today until 7:00 pm Sunday will be eligible for that coin test.


Good Luck

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Way to go Shadow! I like Cheerios too. In fact I just had them for breakfast today, yesterday, the day before that and the day before that..... :laughing: :laughing: Seriously I did! With bananas. so I guess since he likes what I d0---that shows what I should pick for today



Banana chip

Raisins (I like them in oatmeal but we are only allowed 3 choices so I won't list the oatmeal)

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