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WTB: BROKEN Garmin 60CSx

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I need to get my paws on a broken garmin 60CSx, in particular, the buttons.


Message me via the Geocaching.com messaging system if you can help. Thank you!

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Did you receive any answers for this thread?


I also need to find a busted Garmin 60csx for parts and was wondering how you fared.


If you've got any leads, please PM me or respond to this thread!



Thank you!

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Hi Brian, I emailed you.


Someone did contact me from this thread, and I purchased a dummy display unit from him to fix my buttons.

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I am the one selling the dummy Garmin GPS units. If you are looking for the button pad which is the same for any of the GPS 60 series would work. I do have 2 Green GPS Map 60 units left.


I am charging $15.00 each which includes shipping

Let me know if you are interested.



Ed Gorny

Also have:

GPS Map 60 (green case) (2)

GPS Map 76 CSX (1)

GPS Map 76 CS (1)

eTrex Venture (green case) (2)

eTrex Legend (blue case) (1)

Forerunner 201 with strap (1)

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