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I know it is not the done thing to post puzzle caches and ask for help, but in times of need we must sometimes do these things. I have been beating my head against a certain puzzle and can not seem to even peel away at a corner of it. The caches is GC2GAMT and looks like one amazing cache to bag. I have some ideas about the co-ords but none that I can make stick. If anyone has any ideas or pointers then I would greatly appreciate them. I have run the cypher through the usual decryption programs but they just throw up blanks. If you do not want to post spoilers in the forums then please feel free to message me.




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The cache owner BareClawz has had excellent feedback from these caches. We haven't done them yet - I have no idea how to work out the puzzle part - but we met BareClawz at an event a few months back and he's a nice bloke, very enthusiastic about his underground caches and he loves people to find them and explore the places. He will often go along with groups as a guide but, without leading them, just to point out certain features.


I'm sure he'd give you some hints to get you started. :)



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I'd bet that the cache owner would be very willing to help with the puzzle...


I'm sure he'd give you some hints to get you started.

On the cache page:


This cache is set as a 5/5. All the clues are on the page, no other clues will be given.


I don't know the cache owner, obviously, so I don't know if he's sticking hard to that. Doesn't hurt to ask, but personally, if I had read that, I won't.


It does look like a fantastic cache. Wish it wasn't so far away :)

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This has been making my nose bleed for weeks now.

In what way? The information on the page seems pretty straightforward to me. It's just a matter of recognizing the encoding scheme and cipher type, mostly.


I would love to do the cache. In fact, I wish I had done it when I was relatively nearby last fall.

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I would rate the puzzle part on the page around a 2.5/3 I solved the stuff on the page in less than 5 minutes.


The CO is not joking everything you need to solve the coordinates and figure out the cipher is right on the page.


You'll feel much more accomplished figuring it out then having it handed to you.

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Looks like an awesome location. I also wish I was closer.


As for the puzzle. Solved it quickly, it's not that difficult and I'm not the greatest puzzle solver.

Not trying to rub it in but...

As others have said, all the info you need is there on the page, you just need to find it.

I don't think that I could have solved it without that info.

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Ok so the directions are now cracked but I am still struggling with the location. I sort of know what the symbols are but just trying to find the correct type. As for the cache, I plan on driving out (approx 200 miles) as soon as i can figure this all out. You are all welcome to come along for the ride. As for Markwells comments well I shall never truly be able to rest until the whole worlds smiles back at me and yes this may take a while but what else am I going to do with my time?

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