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Earthquake Relief Geocoin Pair

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A customer from New Zealand approached us with a couple designs to help with the overseas relief efforts. The two New Zealand earthquakes made the Japan earthquake all the more real for him. So, we decided to help him out and get the coins into production. They've both been started, and we expect to have them in 3 weeks. The listing says December, but that's just so we don't screw up your order with the backorder timing in the Zencart. You don't have to order now, they'll be in the store when they arrive. But I wanted to get the word out there now while people are talking about the relief efforts. $1 from each coin sold will be donated to the respective charity noted, most likely the Red Cross in both countries. The links take you to the Silver version of each coin. We will have two versions of each, Brass and Silver. Also, the coins are HUGE, @ 63mm across each, so this is no skimpy little coin.


Side note. We also have a micro coin (LA Transit token) where the artist has generously offered to donate $.50 for each of that coin sold to the Red Cross for the Japan Earthquake relief.


New Zealand Earthquake Geocoin




Japan Earthquake Geocoin



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Nice! I'll be ordering some of each.


Thanks Craig ;)




I can't wait to get them!!! Just bummed I couldn't? use/didn't have my joining discount, etc to use on the order - AND I'd been far too slow to nab some of Chris' FTF v3 coins. (opps)


So will use it next time I order. :)

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