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Pursuit of "Cachiness" COINTEST


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Nice Topic :)

you really made me think about it..


I live in Belgrad,Serbia

I like this city cause it's my Hometown Of course :)


And if i must tell 3 best things about it it will be..


1. Girls

All tourists who have visited Belgrade tell that Belgrade have the most beautiful girls in europe. and i confirm that.



Belgrade has a reputation for offering a vibrant nightlife, and many clubs that are open until dawn can be found throughout the city. The most recognizable nightlife features of Belgrade are the barges (splavovi) spread along the banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers


3.The historic areas and buildings

Skadarlija Street,Temple of Saint Sava,Kalemegdan are one of the most popular monuments In Belgrade


That's all :)

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I am happy with where I live and don't plan on leaving. I live in a small town called Trochu, Alberta, Canada.


The three things I like best about Trochu are:


1. Small town country life. Friendly people and a more relaxed lifestyle.


2. The amazing countryside. Right in the Alberta bad lands with the Rocky mountains 1 hour west.


3. Home of the worlds largest golf tee. Every town needs something to be proud of!

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1. This city has a small-town feel, while still having big city entertainments - and PLENTY of good food! - available. Most of the original buildings from as long ago as the mid 1700's have been maintained without much exterior change, giving downtown a unique character that people come from all around to experience. In the heart of it, many of these buildings contain very unique shops and restaurants (including a micro-brewery), and at any time of day or night you can walk around and feel like you are part of the neighborhood. Yes, these buildings have shops at street level, and apartments above. Entertainment comes in the form of local bands playing at restaurants and clubs, and big-name groups performing at the local theater house, where you can also see old classic movies on the big screen again. There are also lots of fairs and festivals, in a variety of themes, held all year 'round. And I've never seen another place where you can walk the city streets with Santa as the season kicks in. After I started working locally instead of commuting, I finally found out how small this city can be - it's nice to run into people you know, wherever you go, yet you can still get about anonymously if you choose to.


2. Beaches or mountains? Both are within 3 hours or much less. Hiking, boating, skiing, sunning - you name it. The Appalachian Trail, Chesapeake Bay, and lots of ways to enjoy it all... Add to this, Spring and Fall are both a feast for the eyes here, with many varieties of flowering trees, and the beautiful fall colors. Don't like the local beaches? Catch a cruise ship just an hour away and you can reach tropical beaches in style.


3. History. Boy, have we got history here! Whether it's battlefields, museums, or old transportation, it can be found nearby. Museums on farming, trains, Civil War medicine, art, ship buiilding - and the incomparable Smithsonian all close by. Lots of National Parks and historical sites, the C&O Canal, historic train rides, close to Gettysburg and many other well known battle sites. And if you like to research family trees, we're also close to the National Archives and Library of Congress, with lots of other resources for local searching. It's very exciting when you've searched for your family in other states, and finally discover older generations practically lived in your backyard - very interesting to find you may be walking in their footsteps! It also makes you wonder if you're related to half the locals... [;)]


My city/town is Frederick, Maryland. I love visiting other places, but I always come home here.

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Give me 3 reasons why YOU like the area that you live in:

#1 - It's not a large city, but is close enough to one if needed

#2 - It is a reasonably laid back town

#3 - It is a relatively vibrant place with plenty to do.


Where do I live? In Ashburton, New Zealand


Oh, and I still think the answer is GREEN!


GREEN is a GREAT answer... what types of things do you do in New Zealand? Any certain sports... or Leisure activities? Even outside of the cointest I am genuinely interested in different regions and cultures :D


Me? I'm a couch potato, but in New Zealand Rugby is BIG (The All Blacks), lots of out door pursuits such as mountain biking, hiking, skiing and snow boarding (in the winter); we have some quite good fishing rivers. All other sports come in second to rugby, but netball is a popular winter sport with the fairer sex, soccer (aka football) is popular with younger kids; cricket use to be a big summer sport here, but it has dropped off in popularity. I'm involved with Scouting, which had been in serious decline up until a couple of years ago, so it is becoming a bit more popular again.

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3 reasons why I like the area I live in....


1. Within a days drive to several National Parks.

2. Great camping, hiking and swimming within a few miles from home.

3. We have four seasons (most of the time I enjoy them-haha).


I live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


Thanks for the cointest:)

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I know I'm too late, but this one looks like fun and I think people deserve to know what's nice about different areas of the country.


- I'm about an hour from some of the most beautiful coastline anywhere. It's not white sandy beaches, it's cliffs and craggs that overlook the Pacific. The views are gorgeous and unmatched.


- The town I live in is small, about 15 thousand people. Most businesses here are still mom and pop owned, and the owners are friendly and personable.


- Not only do we have the ocean an hour away, but we have redwood groves, mountains, several lakes, rivers, national forest.... the list goes on and on. All of this leads to a very diverse caching experience for those of us who partake, and fun and beautiful nature opportunities for everyone.


A few points of interest:


I lived in Jim Jones' old house as a kid. There are still people here who knew Mr. Jones or were a part of the "church" who didn't end up going South with the rest of those folks. They can be interesting to talk to.


Bonnie Rait's brother lives here. He's also a tremendous musician (imagine that, it runs in the family) and he builds yurts. Google it.


Ukiah is Haiku spelled backwards. My grandfather in-law writes haiku.


Ukiah is in Northern California, about 2 hours north of San Francisco.

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Post #46 was randomly generated by random.org. Congratulations AKA MOMSTER! Email me your address and I will get a coin out to you by next week.


Thank you everyone for playing! I think that I can use some of this in my letter to the editor when I have time to type it up. Remember, when you are down in the dumps about your town... it could always be worse... you could live in the Huntington-Ashland area :D At least we win at something.

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Ohhhhhhhhhh! That is a direct quote, by the way. I was nibbling at a cinnamon muffin and reading about Family of Goat's neck of the woods. We love that area of California. So I was in full daydream when-can-we-plan-our-next-trip-there mode when I got to post #59 and lazily read my name! Hey, that's my name! :lol: Thank you for the cointest groosefraba1! It was fun reading about the different locations.

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Congratulations, aka Momster! I guess you're not surprised to read that I'd now like to visit South Orange County.


goosefraba1, thanks for an interesting cointest. I wish you luck with the letter, I hope you get things going in Huntington-Ashland!

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