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Lost my .lua file

harrogate hunters
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I wouldn't hold your breath Robin. A short while ago I tried to edit the lua file I'd uploaded to Wherigo and had to give up trying to get into it. I ended up modifying the original file on my computer and reuploading that with a different name. As you've lost your original file it could be an "ugh" situation - however, I am a novice in this and there are lots of guys with much more knowledge than I have, so hope you find one and wish you good luck. Fred (Ah yes!)

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Due to a computer crash, I have lost my original .lua file...


Is there anyway I can get a copy from www.Wherigo.com ?


Help please




Yup, Enable the cartridge to be downloadable from the Wherigo site. Download it. You may have to rename it to a .ZIP file. Then go back and stop the cartridge from being downloaded from the Wherigo site. If you need more help let me know. I'll even talk voice.

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I could always Skype you too. Very easy to get your source back.


Yipee ! However I tried and failed...


Can you send me a list of instructions !


Right I have ticked the box to allow to download and i have downloaded .gwz file, but cant seem to rename to .zip !!!


Can you try ?


Yup. Got it - just email me your email address and we're good to go. I'll send you all of your source, graphics, and even a audio file. If you don't want others having access to the source (especially players in your area) go ahead and shut that option down now.

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