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Amazing Geocoin find

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Last night I was searching for some caches to do today. My wife and I are pretty much new to this and I was clicking on everything, including trackables, in my area. I was just about to stop when I saw a red white and blue icon. It intrigued me so I clicked......and my brother's name appeared.


I hadn't seen my brother since he was a little over a year old. We searched on and off for years and eventually found him. In Arlington National Cemetary. A couple years too late.


The trackable item was a Fallen Heroes Geocoin in his honor. It appeared after someone held it for a year. In my hometown. What are the odds? 3244 of these coins (i think) and all the caches in the world. His ends up spending time near one of my other brother's home and then moves 8 miles from mine (less than a mile from my sister's former home).


Today we went out to find it. In a 6 part multi. My pregnant wife refused to stay home and hiked for 3 hours with me to find it. She had to be there and was incredible the whole time. We found it and will pass it on. He deserves to be remembered.


Anyway, I am still in disbelief and thought I would share the story. Have to upload some pictures later.




In honor of Cpl. William A. Long


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I just read this posting for the first time. I was taken aback. What an amazing story. Wow, is all I can say.


I assume poster has marked the coin to watch, How about an update on how far and where it has gone since then. Guess I could track it down but would like the story for the poster in his own words. this story has really tugged at my heart.

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