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Garmin 60GSx Trip Computer

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Excuse me if this is a dumb question, but am brand new to all this, having just bought my first Garmin (60GSx).


When I've been out for a walk, as I did today, my Trip Computer will show me how far I've walked, how long it took me / stopping time / ave speeds etc etc. At the end of my walk, I want to be able to tell the Garmin "ok, save that info, when I get home (today's walk was about 30 miles away from home), I want to input the data into a spreadsheet, just so I can keep a record of my walks". But, if I leave the handset switched on, the Trip Computer keeps working, and then will receive data from the trip home in the car, and continue to feed this into the Trip Computer, therefore meaning that I have lost the data from the walk.


The only way I can see round this is to a) write down the data on a piece of paper as soon as I finish my walk, or B) switch off the handset when I've finished my walk, and switch it on again immediately I'm in a position to input the data into my PC at home. But, if I switch off the handset, I can't use it to navigate home if I want to (which is admittedly unlikely, but I'd like to have the option of doing so, or else the handset becomes something of a "one trick pony"!....and what if I went on a second walk before I got home, and wanted to keep the two sets of statistics separate?)


I hope someone can help??





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Too many options for me to hunt and peck out in one night.

Some methods to explore and fit the situation.

Start by clearing the Trip Computer page Menu>Reset check markes in the top three?

As you finish the first walk, write down the data in a shirt pocket notebook as you stop. If you wish, you can freeze the Trp Comp page by going to the Satellite page and selecting Use with GPS Off, which leaves the unit on so you can write down the data.

Then you can Reset the Trip data and select Use with Gps on and go to driving. Repeat something like the above for the second walk.

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A piece of paper or a picture of your GPS.


Also you can download the track from your GPS into MapSource and cut out the part of the track you want to analyse. MapSource will provide you information on the basics only (distance, avg speed and total time). There is also some analyzing software available on the Internet if you would like to have more information of the track.

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The eaiest way to do this is to create individual "tracks" of your walk. You can then download that information from your unit directly to mapsource or possibly basecamp, but I am not familiar with this software.


To record a track, which will also give you a picture trail of your walk, do the following:


Select menu twice> scroll to track and hit enter> turn on the track option


Now go on your walk and do whatever you want. When done, very important here, go back to the track screen and turn it off and save thet track. Now go home and and hook the GPSr to the computer and transfer the information into mapsource and save that information as something like, "My hikes" or Geocaching days". You can save all of your tracks onto this map you have saved and it will list every track you have made.


Once the info has been stored onto mapsource, you can now clear them from your unit. You can also, if you want, resend those tracks to your unit if you found a cool loop that you want to do again and you can follow it from your unit.


Hope this helps and solves your issue.

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