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No hints using GSAK


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I am using a Garmin 62S. I'll ask at the GSAK board.


Yeah... I think at a 62 is like an Oregon/Colorado, etc. where you only need to put the .gpx file in the correct folder and it all works. This does sound like a question for either the GSAK forum or the GPS and Tech forum here.

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I have the 78s which is the same electronically as the 62S. When a new cache comes up I put it on my watch list and when I have what I want to do I run a PQ and select the watch list. When the PQ arrives I save the number and then go to GSAK and load the caches to it.Then go to the GPS setup and (you would select 62S on the GPS setup and then select Send to GPS) It will load the caches on the 62S. Be aware it will overwrite any caches you have on there. I always delete all the caches in the GPX file and start new. You can also drag and drop the caches into the GPX file but since I also load a Nuvi 550 and a 76CSX from GSAK I just do the same for the 87s.

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