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Best paperless caching rig...


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Recently I started Geocaching back up again and have already found myself wanting(needing?) to setup a paperless caching rig. Let me tell you what I have already got and what I am looking for... then I would love to hear all of your suggestions! :-)


The hardware:

- pickup truck (obviously, to get me around)

- Dell mini 9 laptop (not primary system, it's just laying around...)

- Garmin GPSMAP 76


The fantasy:

- Mount laptop in truck

- Have software for real-time mapping

- Have software to manage Geocache data (description, hints, logs etc...)


My question is: what operating system+software combo would you suggest? I'm looking for mapping software that has detailed roads that supports navigation with real-time GPS. And also software to manage Geocache info (either from GPX or otherwise), or a software that will do both. I would like to be able to view caches locations on the map as well... but not required. So, what do you recommend (free, paid, any suggestions are fine :-) )?


I plan on renewing my premium membership to use pocket queries BTW.

P.S. it would be great if the mapping software has the capabilities to download maps (like OSM) and cache them for offline use, as this will be offline while on the road. If not OSM that's okay (like I said, all suggestions are welcome), but OSM would be preferable.


Thanks so much for all the help you guys have given me in the past! I look forward to you responses :-)

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Fast! :-) I would assume GSAK contains all information about a given Geocache... does it include picture embedded on the cache page? how about the gallery? all logged visits, or only 10? Does it have a map view, or no?


Does MS street and trips allow loading of waypoints, like a GPX pocket query?

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