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PC Data Cables....

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Watch out who you buy it from... usually the GPS manufacturers charge WAY more than the product is worth for these kind of accessories. icon_rolleyes.gif


Example: Garmin eTrex data cable

- Garmin cable: $38.00

- clone cable: $9.00


A HUGE difference. icon_eek.gif


I have bought two cables via eBay from a guy called gpsGeek. Received my product in both cases in less than a week, and that was via snail-mail from California to Ontario. Cables are excellent quality.


If yours is a Garmin product, check out:




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I've hunted a couple of caches. I have yet to dump coords to my 3+ using the cable. I'll probably try it out sometime, but I haven't bothered yet. I haven't found it too much of a pain to enter these manually.


However, I recently bought six eTrexes (eTrexi?). I do find it much more of a pain to manually enter coords into these units. If I used an eTrex regularly, I would definitely download coordinates.


Even if you don't use the cable to enter coords, it is handy to have one to upgrade your firmware.

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I've also bought a couple of cables from GPSGeek. Well worth the CHEAP price that he charges. Clone cables aren't inferior just cheaply made (only $ not quality). Another plus was that the cig lighter power cable was coiled. That keeps the extra from cluttering the car up more than all of the other trash in my civic.


Also, I've used ClayJar's watcher program to filter the pocket queries to give me caches along a route from my house in Virginia to my parents house in South Carolina. It was a total of 130 caches. I couldn't Imagine manually entering in each of those.



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