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High Risk Caches


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This thread was not created to discuss the pros and cons of cache placement. It was created to breed contempt. There is a full scale witch hunt happening now in Central Ohio!!!!! All the people having hissy fits over this cache series are RIDICULOUS! The solution is very simple, put your big boy panties on and get over yourselves.


Admittedly, I have only looked for (and found) one of the caches but at no time did I feel unsafe. Why, you ask? Because I have a brain in my head and I went with a group of people in broad daylight.


You whine that there is trash around the caches. Isn't caching all about CITO? Aren't caches often hidden in litter ridden areas to attract cachers who will help clean it up? From the photos I've seen that is exactly what has happened, the areas have been cleaned up. Intentionally or not, the CO did some good.


You whine about bad neighborhoods. You should be ashamed of yourself to say that a park that is good enough for (possibly) low income children or children of a different ethnicity is not good enough for you and yours. If you don't like a location, feel free to move on to a light pole in a Walmart parking lot. Personally, I find Walmart much more scary. No one can force any of you to seek a cache that makes you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, how do you think you have the right to force someone to only hide caches that make you feel comfortable? So much self centered ignorance happening.


You whine about high crime areas. I live in a high crime area, you aren't complaining about my caches. There are 100's of caches in the Columbus that are in what would be considered high crime areas. Why is it you are only offended by these 5 caches? I cannot believe someone actually created a bookmark list for this series warning of danger. If the intention was truly to warn people of dangerous locations, where are the rest of the caches that are in dangerous locations? That's right, you don't care about the rest of them, you just have a problem with TheHiddenHand and you are using childish maneuvers to cause problems. If you don't like the CO or their hides, take your butt back to your couch!


You whine about this cache owner that you don't know and that ladies and gentlemen is the problem in a nutshell. There is something that these busy bodies don't know and they can't stand it! No one needs your approval to create an account. No one needs your approval to hide a cache. Perhaps this person hides their identity because of all the whining and complaining that goes on in this area. Phone a friend runs rampant and not everyone agrees with that. Perhaps they (like I) don't want their phone and email exploding with cachers demanding hints. The fact that some of you cheat (yes IMHO phone a friend is cheating), does not mean that everyone approves, nor does everyone have to participate. Also, perhaps they don't want to hear the whining because Lord knows you are all worse than my kids! There is a definite sick sense of smiley entitlement in this community.


Someone has created the alter ego for TheHiddenHand called TheSeekingEye. Could you possibly show your ignorance and immaturity any more blatantly? No one cares!!!!! The fact that you care so much tells me you have no life.


The world does not revolve around any of you. Stop trying to force others to live by your standards and your rules. SHUT IT ALREADY!!!!!


p.s. Hats off to TheHiddenHand, don't know who you are and hope you aren't someone I already dislike for the very reasons I've stated above, but I like your style! Get em all riled up and set em loose, they'll show their true colors eventually. Don't worry, you have support from those of us who have been victim to this same mentality.

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That was the Missus, so now that I've got the full scoop, I should put my 2 cents in here too. To answer the original question, risk is risk, regardless of location or situation. So yes, I think climbing a tree is the same as putting yourself at any risk. If I am heading to a cache, and I see a cliff or other hazard that I feel uncomfortable passing, I turn around. It's just a smiley, I'll live without it. Now as for the neighborhood in question, I never felt threatened or in danger. Did I know that I was entering a part of the city that could be low income? Yep. Did I also realize that it seemed to be a mainly Hispanic area? Of course. Have I went after caches in different parts of the same city that made me feel much more uncomfortable? Absolutely! If I see liquor stores, and pawn shops make up the majority of the businesses , and crack dealers are smacking hookers into traffic, I'm probably not even going to tap the brakes for the P&G in front of the adult book store, let alone let my daughter wander around in syringes and used condoms trying to find it. Now as for the matter of adults getting caught trespassing, when you knew you were trespassing, lying about it and blaming it on another adult...well, it's preposterous. But then to actually drag the entire geocaching sport through the mud, by trying to get yourselves out of trouble? That's not very christianlike, or moral.

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Ok, please take the race aspect out of it. I get sick of discussions always dissolving into racial issues. I live in a rural area that is predominantly white. There are places around here that I won't wander into alone simply because they are UNSAFE. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with the "shoot first & ask questions later" mentality that exists in some of these areas - regardless if you are on private property or not.


To me, the CO has the moral obligation to let others know if the area is dangerous - whether that is giving the terrain rating of 5 and noting that there are cliffs or other potentially life-threatening situations or it's a known high-crime area. You don't need statistics to know that. All you have to do is pay attention to the local news. Especially as a female, I need to know ahead of time what sort of terrain - urban or natural - that I'm wandering into.


A couple of weeks ago, my family & I were on vacation. Hubby & I decided to do some caching. We followed our gps & wound up in an area that we looked at each other & said "I don't care how interesting the cache is, we aren't stopping here to look for it." It turns out that the cache was actually located at a nearby hotel that was perfectly safe; our gps just took us to the closest access point as the crow flies. In that case, it wasn't on the CO to provide info about the location because the location itself was fine. However, had the cache been where we initially went to, I would've expected the CO to put a note on the description that at least said to be very aware of your surroundings when hunting the cache.

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