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Kenwood TH-D72 and Geocaching

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Is anyone successfully geocaching with the Kenwood TH-D72 radio (which has a built-in GPS)?


I (and others) would very much like to hear your experiences when using the D72 for geocaching.


Does the D72 have enough accuracy for geocaching (it appears to only have resolution only to tenths of a mile, not yards or feet)?


It's easy to set "target points" with the D72 but is the accuracy provided in tenths of a mile good enough for serious geocaching?



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I haven't seen anyone using anything like that myself. If it can only get you down to .1 that's gonna be tough. That's only 528ft. That's a big space to start searching. Most GPSr's get you down to like 15 meters or better especially when they are WAAS enabled because it not only uses multiple satellites but it also uses ground based towers to give you more accuracy.

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I guess the TH-D72 is useful for letting your friends know, roughly, where you are but if it's not accurate enough, it's no real geocaching tool. Probably the same goes for trying to geocache with a 'car-based' sat nav system - difficult to use 'off-road' unlike a handheld GPS or 'phone based application.


Leigh, M5GWH.

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