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Caching event GPS games

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I am after a bit of inspiration. I am hosting my first event over the Easter weekend and I would like to have a few GPS/Orienteering games that don't involve searching for caches.


One idea I have is to give a start location and then instructions to follow e.g. head North 15 meters, head East 30 meters. Once they are at their assumed finish spot they place a flag in the ground with their caching name on it. The winner is the closest to the actual finish which I have previously measured out.


I am sure that other people must have similar games when attending events but having only previously attended one event my experience is lacking.

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If you want it to simulate Orienteering I'd expand it a bit more and have a series of 5-10 waypoints for them to find. Make the waypoints a few hundred meters apart and hang a small length of surveyor's ribbon with a code letter at each spot. First person to get back to the start area knowing all the right code letters in the proper order wins. If you really want to simulate Orienteering have them do it with an aerial photo or map and no GPS. :)

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try giving people a flag and tell them to put the flag where their GPS says is the ground zero for a set of coordinates.


First, take some coordinates. Do the best you can to get good coordinates. Make sure you can find the exact spot again, either tie string to 2 trees and take the coords where the string crosses, or take a photo that gives you some way to find the particular spot again. Remove the string before giving out the coords.


Closest flag to your spot wins...


I've done a few fun multi caches using containers that would never last in the real world but are perfect for a single day event. Halloween themed with a fake crow, snake, spider, skull, leading to a final cache.


Poker runs are fun as well, hide 5 caches with a deck of cards in each, each card in a non-see-through envelope. Folks can't open the envelope and see their cards until they turn them in. Opened envelopes are disqualified. Best hand wins. There are many variants...

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