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Fun Event Games?

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I am hoping for some feedback for fun event games you have played. My brain is fried for ideas... We have done the same games a few times for the West Bend Cache Bash MEGA event and I am looking for some creative ideas on new games that other people have tried and really enjoyed. We have done penny digs for the little tikes, geogolf, geoBingo, Best Cache Container (which is really awesome by the way!). Thanks for any suggestions and creative ideas - for all age groups. :D

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I have only hosted two events, ever, and one of them was listed only on opencaching.us (not to be confused with the messed-up Garmin website), and I've never tried this, but I've always had this awesome idea of "Bobbing for Film Canisters". You know, like bobbing for apples, but with Film Canisters. And you could put prizes in them and stuff. Pretty, cool, eh? :lol:

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Geocaching bingo works well as an ice breaker. Door-prize raffles can be fun as long as they don't go on for too long. Our annual Venona event has one final puzzle to wrap up that year's puzzle ACTIVITIES. Other than that, the thing I've enjoyed most about events is time to visit with other geocachers.

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...Other than that, the thing I've enjoyed most about events is time to visit with other geocachers.


Meeting other cachers is precisely why I go to events. I'm not big on games. There are a few that encourage mingling that I think are OK, but too many games require that everybody goes off on their own or in small groups. It's frustrating going to an event and seeing logs roll in afterward from people who you would have liked to have met, but never got to because they were off working on games much of the day.

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We did "Bad Muggle" Gift swap but requires some creativity time before the event. Everyone who can, bring 1 - 3 Geocaching related gifts, also solicite gifts from businesses and such to flesh out the gift pool.


Rule 1 All gifts must be wrapped in such a way as to not be able to decern it's contents.


Paper grocery bags worked the best actually. he he

Some came in elaborate gift wrappings tho as well

limit the "prizes" to a certain value

Rule 2 no peeking at the gift till it's your turn.


hand out or let each person pick a gift


on your turn you can

1 open your gift OR

2 Muggle a gift that has already been opened


The funniest outcome was a package of printed log pages of various sizes on RitR paper got muggled the most often, second place was a wood log cache. Believe it or not the kids wanted the caches and the adults(are there really any in this hobby? j/k) wanted the pages.


Game continues till all the gifts are opened.


Loads of fun and the ribbing folks got when a "kid" got muggles was loads of fun too


GL with it all and maybe I'll be a participant if I am in the area

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