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OK. Now What?


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Hi all. I'm new to geocaching - just logged my 4th find today. There was a TB in the cache that I retrieved to move on. When I checked the TB's number, it was logged as being in another cache a few miles away. it was apparently removed and not logged out and moved to this cache and not logged in. I posted a note on the TB owner's page stating that I grabbed it from a different location and listed that location.


Is there anything else I need to do? Is there anyway to map it to show that it had moved to the new cache before I grabbed it? It looks like when I place the TB in a new cache, there will be no map record of where it really was today.



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Whenever I find one in a cache it is not listed in, I always wait a day or two before logging, while holding on to the bug.

If I find one in the cache it is supposed to be in, if I pick it up I log it a.s.a.p. just to let the next finder know right away. I usually try to drop these somewhere else quickly and log that quickly also.

While there is really nothing wrong with your action, another cacher may have placed it there fifteen minutes before you found it, and had not had a chance to log it yet.

Best thing is... the logs are fairly easy to correct.

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I found a really nice 250 finds coin that was not logged as being dropped in the cache from which I recovered it.

I held on to it for a few days without logging it in order to give someone the chance to log it having been dropped off.

Eventually, after looking over it's travel map, I PM'd the owner to see if they had just lost it.

I ended up dipping it in the cache to repair the history, then moved it on.

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