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Using favorites for a cache.


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I had a thought that an interesting and challenging cache would be to have the object of the search be the top 10 favorited caches in a given state. One problem is that the top 10 can and does fluctuate. Any of you long time cachers have a good idea on how it could be set up? Would it be something you would have intererst in? Thanks for any input.

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You could make a challenge cache in theory based on a snapshot of the top XX favorites right now...if one gets archived, then you can swap another one in. That way, you lock them in place and do not allow a group of folks to alter the caches in your challenge so they meet it easier. This kind of thing leads me to my next point.


I personally would not wanting to set up such a challenge, but I think its a good idea in theory, but I think some reviewers might be against it. I would ask your local one before pursuing it, just to be on the safe side, whatever you decide to do. I like the snapshot idea personally, but then that would exclude a cache that is awesome and is rocketing up the charts since you publish your challenge.

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I don't think it is a good idea, and I doubt that it would be approved. Favorites are meant to be used to find good caches, not as some kind of competition.


Maybe a better idea would be a challenge to find caches with a total of 150 favorite points in a day, or something like that. Then the competitive aspect of "top" favorite points would not be the focus.


But overall, I would prefer not to see favorite points used as challenge fodder.

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As a reviewer, my first reaction was, "I don't think I can publish that... any way to salvage the idea?". fizzymagic's solution of changing it to finding a group of caches with X number of points would work. (I'm personally not enthused about "in a day" as I don't see the point of turning into a speed exercise, but it if it's possible in your area, and you've done it, then it's an option).


The snapshot idea is an explicit list of caches. Whereas the group of caches with a total number of favorite points is a "category". Challenge Caches are defined more fully in the Knowledge Books.


Be forewarned, the caches with high favorite points in most places are virtuals, and the oldest cache in the state and any moving cache that might make it into the area. In Florida, the group at the top has been fairly static, just a change of moving cache in the state.


Arizona caches, sorted on favorite points.

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