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Making a Travel Bug T-shirt

Coyote's Girl

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I've had a TB dog tag set knocking around in the bottom of my jewelry box for a bit. I'd gotten it with the intention to use it in the traditional sense, but could never come up with a good bug or mission. Then I thought of the travel bug tattoo, but the more I kicked that around in my brain the weirder I felt about tattooing a number on myself. So I've decided to make a t-shirt (or 3) with it instead. I have a usually irrational fear of getting into trouble over this sort of thing and I don't want the Groundspeak secret police knocking on my door. I have a mega-event this weekend.

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I take that back. You can make three, if you save two for when the first one wears out, then pull out another when you get rid of the first, and when that wears out, pull out the third one. As long as you don't pass them out, using the same tracking number. Groundspeak did have a trackable T-shirt, but I don't see it on the ShopGroundspeak site today.

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So I've decided to make a t-shirt (or 3) with it instead.

You can be as creative as you like, using paint pens on a T-shirt. You can write the number onto the shirt, or offer the number when people ask.


I had shirts professionally printed, two so I can have one in the wash. There's space to write the TB number. With the shirt, I also wear both Travel Bug dogtags on a chain around my neck. I got the 24 inches of ball chain at a hardware store.



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Yeah, basically the bug's page would say something like "It's ME!" and I wouldn't hand them out at all. It'd just be in a couple different colors so I can (as was stated before) have one ready to go most of the time. As of now I only have the heather grey. I'll get down to it sometime between now and Friday.

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