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What GPS?

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There's a lot of discussion on the site about what GPS is best - but none of it appears specific to Australia. And lots of the GPS units advertise things like "Comes with built-in American maps" and so forth.


Are any GPS units particularly good for Australia? My wife and I are just starting. We don't mind spending a bit if it's worthwhile, but we don't want to buy one only to realise down the track that it was a bad choice.


Any advice/suggestions gratefully received :)

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Hi Guys and welcome to the Game, Sport, Obsession.


There are two main GPS brands used within OZ Magellan and Garmin.

After a long hard look it can be similar to asking which car, where some are Holden

and others are Ford Fans.


There are several stages to a GPS, first up a basic unit without maps and all Waypoints

need to be hand loaded will set you back about $180. To a more complex unit with

the whole of Oz topographical Maps that are Routalbe like an in car unit from $600.


Still have not answered your question. My choice is a Magellan GC built for the sole

purpuse of Geocaching. But can I surgest that one of the best ways to see these

units and even have a good look at them would be attend a couple of events.

Other cachers would be happy to show off there high tech toy, and gives you a chance

to look and feel the units. Most people will even tell you the down fall of the unit they own.


There are a couple of Events in the Newcaslte area early next month.


All I can surgest is if you already own an in car navigator then get yourself a base unit

Like the eXplorist GC from Next Destination. You are able to load 10000 caches very

easy to operate.


As you can see I an a Magellan Fan but of the 5 operating units I own I do use one

which is a Garmin Nuvi in car navigator.

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